how long

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  1. Ok. I am sure this is not posted yet. But sorry if I was not being clear on my previous post.

    So here is the questions: how long do all limited ed. bags are on retail? Of course, if the bags are popular, they will sell out quickly and that's all. Otherwise, how long do they say on market before they take them off from retail? And after that, what does LV do with them? Does anyone know?

  2. I ever asked my SA once...she said if its not sold as quickly as expected, it will be left at the boutique up to 6 months...then it will be sent back to Paris. Not sure what they will do with it...probably after that if someone would like to have that bag, the staff will enquire from the HQ...??:shrugs:
  3. Hmm...interesting. 6 months, huh? I just wish they would put them on sale. Wishful thinking, wishful thinking. hehehe.
  4. LV never never have any sales....unlike other designer labels, they do have sales either mid sales, end of the year sales etc..etc. Thats the beauty of maintains its price! :graucho:
  5. yes but it is not a beauty to my wallet lol:P
  6. I think they keep them on the shelf until it sells. I have seen some less popular LE bags for over 6 months.
  7. I have seen some LE for 10 months on display here.