How long???

  1. How long did it take you to acquire your "dream" bag(s)? Or are you still searching? Hopefully my Lilac will come to me soon :yes:
  2. Almost a year. But as luck would have it, my dream bag was the very first one I bought! I :heart: apple!
  3. That is so awesome. I guess I just need to have more patience. It's hard though :yes:
  4. Hehe, well it was easier for me because I resigned myself to never owning one. Price-wise it was out of my league. But then I came here, was surrounded by enablers (;)), and finally began to realise that maybe I could actually have one. Toyed with some colours from pre-spring this year, then found out that Cricket still had an apple green city - my dream bag - available. I ordered it, then chickened out and cancelled the order (its a lot of money for a poor student). Then a few days later I ordered it again, and never looked back! :biggrin:

    Dreams do come true - your perfect bbag is out there waiting for you. Its like love (at least in the cheesy movies) - it'll come to you the minute you stop looking for it. :rolleyes:
  5. A few months for me! I think I'm one of the lucky ones!