How Long?

  1. It has almost been a month since I bought my last LV item. For me, that is a long time.
    I am trying to save money and not buy anything, but I find myself checking the eluxury site several times a day!
    So, I was wondering what was the longest amount of time that you didn't purchase anything from LV and was it difficult for you?
  2. about 1 year. but it was due to me being sort of disinterested in LV at the time. for me its not that tough to wait. i prefer to spread it out so all my bags get the attention they deserve.
  3. It's been 2 months for me. I've been wanting to go get the amarante inclusion pm bangle for a month already. But I have no time.
  4. I have gone a few months.... I go through stages. I will buy a ton of stuff and slowly sell off the items that I wished I hadn't bought. I am horrible!
  5. Since the last week in June! But I did receive my MC Speedy after that in July as a gift from the BF. But since then I have been pretty much on a self-ban! (just bought a it needs furniture!)

    I believe the ban goes away during the LV Banff meet as well as for the PSN @ Holt's for november. After that, it's back to buying furnishings!
  6. I can usually only take it for a few months.. which is why I seem to be picking up accessories left and right !
  7. Same here, but this is with all stuff for me.....such as sunglasses, jewelry, clothes.
  8. The longest for me was a two weeks.
  9. It was about a year but I made up for it because I started buying every month after that :p
  10. the last time i bought anything was 2 weeks ago. i don't really have a non-buying window, and i do look at eLuxury every day, but i buy only if i really like it, and not just for the sake of buying to 'fill the void'
  11. i only buy every 4 or 5 months. but between getting my first and buying my second LV it was a year.
  12. for me its been a month or so. Just nothing out at the moment that I have to have.
  13. I try to limit it to 1-2 items/year. I haven't bought anything since around March (so I'm due!!). I could buy more if I wanted to but I try to limit myself so I can put money on my mortgage, etc.

    I'm just waiting for the Tivoli to be released and then that'll be my 2nd big purchase of the year!
  14. Its been two months for me. I really want a Badge key holder.
  15. im trying not to buy any LV until i pay off all my CC debt so its been almost 3 months since i've bought anything. its literally driving me nuts.