how long you have been carrying b bag

  1. just wondering how long has every one been carrying their b-bag before the celeb!!!!!! or after
  2. I heard of their clothing but, never knew about their handbags until I joined this I'm a full blown addict! So, since Jan. of 2006, I have acummulated about 6 bags!:wtf:
  3. Same here. I started to get addicted in January and I have bought 5 Bbags. Here I never saw then at any celeb and because I don't read American magazines I never saw any celeb carrying them. For me it would be more of a downer if to many celebs are carrying them.
  4. Since Feb 2006, I bought 3 B-bags and sold 2. So I'm down to my only trusty black First.
  5. I've been a bbag lover since... late 04, early 05? something like that- just got my first bag in March, bought and sold and bought and sold a bunch, now I finally have one that is here to stay!
  6. since august 2005. it was love at first sight with the pewter first.
  7. I've been carrying a Balenciaga since May of this year, but trust me, the obsession started much, much earlier!
  8. I've been carrying B.bags since July 05' and my first love was a first turquoise 05!
  9. i've been carrying b-bags since i joined tPF!!! :love: THANK YOU PF for directing me to the real deal!!! :wlae: :flowers:
  10. my obsession for b-bag started in 03 but at that time I was pregnant and I couldn't afford to buy anything for myself (just baby baby baby :love: :love: :heart: ). And then my husband bought me the city in Grenat... and I can't stop now :P :drool:
  11. i remember my obsession started when i saw kate moss with her blue 03 weekender.... i searched and searched and i couldn't find it and i bought my first b bag which is a black twiggy in January 2005!
  12. I bought my first bbag in march 2005...but I only have that one! for a while I was more obsessed with Chloe (4 bags 2 pair of shoes) but that is just cause I cannot decide on what bbag to is more easy to get in Stockholm, there aren't any bbags here AT ALL! so I actually haven't seen any of the new colors, it's hard. but this forum is making be consider Ink, Greige or Rouge VIF city. :smile: and a black courier!
  13. I was never into B-bags. I thought they were "ok" but that's it. Then in August 2005, I saw a rouge theatre Work in a boutique and thought let me see what the fuss is thing I knew, I was handing over my AmEx card. :Push:

    Now I am hooked...
  14. That was the bag that started my bbag obsession too!!
    I bought my first Balenciaga about one year ago, sometime in fall 05 and it was a teal twiggy!!:heart:
  15. Only a couple of months - I've been wanting one for a couple of years, but only took the plunge when I needed a new fall bag!
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