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  1. I listed a bag on Bonanzle last week and it sold on 2/2 (Tuesday). She sent me a message saying she'd pay that night, or the next day at the latest. On 2/4 (Thursday), I still hadn't gotten payment so I emailed her again to ask her if she still wanted it. She wrote back and said yes, that she'd pay as soon as she got home. It's now 2/6 (Saturday) and I haven't heard from her and payment hasn't been made. The listing indicated payment was required within 3 days of the date of purchase. I sent her an email earlier today asking again if she still wanted the item.

    Since my listing asked for payment within 3 days, and it's now been 4 days, how much longer should I wait? I like the flexibility that Bonanzle offers and the fact that buyers and sellers are pretty communicative and friendly, but I'm concerned that she may end up not buying this bag and I was hoping to sell it quickly (if I relist it, I'll probably try eBay to move it faster).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I am not as sure of bonz, but do they have a rule, like ebay, that the buyer has to pay with in a certain amount of time? I know you stated 3, but if they technically have more, I would allow that time before I relisted.
  3. Remember, too, that there is a MONSTER storm in the eastern US -- she may not have power or internet, or may have been trying to catch a plane to "get home".
  4. Good point re: the storm - I should know, I'm buried under more than 2 feet of snow! I didn't think about how that may limit her 'net access. I'll give her a few more days. With the snow, I don't know that I'll be able to ship immediately either.
  5. Thanks for the feedback before, ladies. I checked in on Bonanzle today and it looks like the buyer has logged on recently - yesterday, in fact - but she hasn't answered my emails. How should I proceed? Email her and tell her I'm cancelling the sale and will give negative feedback if she doesn't respond within x days? Or email her the same without the negative feedback threat? What's considered good form for a response?

    I'm really annoyed about this. If she didn't want it or was unable to fund the purchase, she could've just emailed me about it. That happens all the time and it's no big deal as long as you communicate your problems.

  6. ^ I wouldn't threaten her with negative fb, personally, I'd just ask her if she still intended to pay and I'd say that, if she did, please could she ensure she did so within the next 48 hours (which would be 8 days in total), or whatever you think is fair (bearing Bonanzle's rules and the weather in mind)? Otherwise the item would be relisted.