How long would you wait?

  1. I am very new to this forum and designer purses in general. I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this wonderful forum.

    I bought a coach purse off of ebay and it's decription said that it was only used once for a spring wedding. I paid promptly for it and got not reply from the seller until 5 days later when she shipped it out.

    When I recieved it there was no way the purse had only been used once. It was dirty in the inside. There were small pits in the coach buckle and there was a ton of crud on the inside flap.

    I contacted her and asked for a refund of both the purchase price and shipping. She agreed as long as I paided to ship the bag back and she would refund my money when she got it back. Delivery confirmation shows that she recieved it on Friday. I emailed her then, no answer, then again on monday, no answer, and then again yesterday, no answer and no refund.

    Do you think I should email her again saying if I don't hear back from her in 24 hours I will file a dispute? Or should I just file one with out letting her know in advance?

  2. I'd send the email... and keep all correspondence. That way there's no way Ebay could say "you should've...".
    But I'd send that email ASAP so you can start the dispute.
    Good luck!
  3. :queen: If you paid with PayPal, you can file a claim right away. They will contact the seller and also refund your money! Keep your shipping information, the tracking number to show delivery. It may take a little while to get refunded. Hope that helps;)
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. Get her contact info from ebay and call her (hopefully her number is valid). I would wait 2 days and then file a complaint with PayPal and ebay. ebay probably wont get involved if you paid via PayPal. let us know! Good Luck.

    PS: Did you get SIGNATURE confirmation? Just plain ol' delivery confirmation means nothing anymore...she can say she never got it for a number of reasons...always pay the extra $$ and get signature confirmation for anything you send or return on ebay.
  6. No, I didn't get the signature confirmation. I didn't even know it existed to be honest with you. I will make sure I do the next time

    The seller has been amicable and has pretty good feedback so I am hoping that I won't have to file. She may just be waiting because she had auctions ending and wanted to use that money to refund me.

    I just get annoyed when someone lists something as almost new and only used once and then it arrives with so much more wrong than what was listed. What about being honest.
  7. I was bidding on a Coach bag with a similar description (worn only once to a spring CA wedding). I wonder if it was the same bag. Follow the great advice given from the ladies above; they know what they are talking about.
  8. Good advice and good luck. Sellers who don't communicate (as well as not being honest about the condition of an item) are a huge pet peeve of mine.

    I bought a Kate Spade a long time ago on eBay that was listed as new, and there was used make-up in the zipped pocket!!
  9. Seller responded on Thursday that her husband's grandma passed away and that she is transfering money into her paypal account and will refund me when it clears. So I am expecting my refund on Monday.

    I have started a dispute with paypal but haven't upgraded it to get them involved but I will if I don't have a refund on Monday.

    In the meantime she has relisted the bag for 7 days with the exact same description. Which personally I just do not understand. It was not in horrible shape but there were flaws and there was no way this pink bag was only used once. Why not be honest about it and sell it for what you can rather than risk having it sent back again.

    I have learned my lesson in this. I am now much more willing to spend a bit more to make sure that the bag is as described.
  10. I hope you get ALL your money back. I think you can report her to ebay for relisting the bag with the exact description --->which is a false repersentation of the bag