How Long Would You Wait?

  1. I purchased a Lush bag on ebay on the 22nd, and I paid on the 22nd, and have sent three emails requesting a response, to know if the item has been sent, anything. There's been no response, except for when I was bidding and asked a many more days would wait before filing that even what I would do if I don't recieve the item? I'm confused...I've never had someone not respond after I purchased an item!!:shrugs:
  2. Unfortunately, some sellers are just simply not as considerate and good with communication. She may have already shipped it and just not had a chance to email you.

    Give it more time as you do have 30 days to file with Paypal. And on the other hand, she may have an emergency or lost power/ no computer access. You just never know.
  3. Definitely give it more time.....I would contact again on the 29th and then every 3 days after that. If you do not have it within 14 days then I would email her indicating you're filing a complaint....that usually gets them to respond!
  4. I'd go ahead and request frm eBay her personal info {if it's not too early to ask}. . . they send a standard note to the person to let them know you asked for it and sometimes that's just enough to light a fire under their keister.

    It's only been 4 days. . . maybe she's already mailed it{?}
    Have you checked her eBay activity to see if she's bid or listed anything in the last 4 days?
  5. When I first started ebay and didn't really give a crap I'd just mail out the item... and if they asked for tracking, I'd give it to them...

    Now I'm much more considerate because I appreciate the same in return from other sellers.