How long would you wait until you ask for a PCE card if....

  1. you don't receive one in the mail? I guess I'm feeling paranoid, but I don't want to miss out! Maybe Wednesday? Thoughts?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I don't think we are getting one. Wednesday is too late.
  3. I want one too :sad:
  4. Nah, I don't think that Wednesday is too late. I haven't gotten mine yet and I am sure that I will get one. I remember that during the last PCE I got mine a little later than everyone else. You may still get one.
  5. ^I'm in MI too... I got a call today on my voicemail, but I haven't received the card in the mail yet... Still hope if you haven't received it yet ladies!!

    Remember though, I think they look at certain criteria though, like how much you've spent within a certain time period, what combinations, etc... I could be wrong though?
  6. I'm peeved..I spent a ton this year, even got the perfume sample..and I didn't get one !! (yet..hopefully)....:cursing: Man I knew just what I wanted too..
  7. I actually got my card kind of late last time. They were already on eBay for a few days when I got a call from the store. Then a card came...
  8. I wouldn't wait. I went into my Coach Boutique and asked if I could participate even if I didn't receive the PCE Card as my SA had told me six
    weeks ago that she would hook me up. She took my pre-order and said
    she would place my order on Friday, March 16th. She said she would call
    me next week when my items arrive in to the store. I would not wait if I were you. Just go in to your regular store where you shop and ask about it.;)
  9. I have been super paranoid about not getting one and finally it came in the mail today! Just be patient. Or go to your SA and voice your concerns, if they know you are a loyal customer then they will hook you up.
  10. exactly. just be patient. and it pays to get to know your sa's!
  11. I don't have a regular SA, I have several in the area who just remember my daughter (she is a very fun and friendly 7 year old). So one approached us last weekend and I told her that I wanted to place my order and she took it and told me they would be shipped on the 16th. I haven't received a PCE card yet (although I have received cards for each one for the past two years), but it doesn't seem like it will matter if I receive one or not. Just go in and tell them you want to place an order for the PCE. It can't hurt.