How long would you wait before having a 2nd child?

  1. I'm a working mom of an infant, and DH and I are thinking about timing for baby #2....what do you guys think?

    We're also thinking of maybe stopping at 1, but not sure....:shrugs:
  2. I had my daughter when my son was 4. I would say that it's a pretty good age difference, at least at 4 my son was able to help with small things by then. Now my daughter is only 18 months and I am pregnant again. Not sure I am ready for another one yet!!! She will be 26 months when I have the baby.
  3. I had my son by C section so they told me to wait one year before getting pregnant again. My son was 1 year 10 months when my daughter was born & they are great friends.
    There was almost 7 years between myself & my brother & really I think it was too big a gap, great friends now of course but different friends & everything else when younger.
    I am all for having them close together.
  4. my daughter was nearly 2yrs8mths when my son was born. it seems to be a good gap for us as my daughter isn't jealous of her younger brother and always tries to help me.
  5. Well, ACCIDENTALLY, my kids are 10 months apart. That's it. I had my son and then exactly 6 weeks to the day after I had him, I got pregnant again!

    So, I can tell you that for about 3 years it was absoulute pure hell. Just a blur of white (diapers, formula). It was so hard that me and my husband, I don't think we even talked much during that time....but everyone was right when they said "you'll do everything, and then be done".

    It is so much better now that they are 7 & 6, now I can say that I'm glad all the baby stuff is over with and I'm glad that it turned out that way cause if I went through all the baby stuff and then done with it and then to have to do it all again a few years later? I don't know that I would have liked that either. Plus, my kids are really really close because of this.
  6. my 3 are 3years apart
  7. I have three kids and they are 2 1/2 years apart. I am sure that whatever the will be the right one for you, but my 1st and 2nd children are best friends. It is really sweet. They love the youngest, but the 3's a crowd thing comes into effect when they all play together sometimes!
    I can recommend having more than 1 though, as It has been great for my son (the 1st child) to have younger siblings. He was the center of the universe before my daughters were born!!!
    Good luck.....

  8. When I tought of the mothers had twins, and when she went back for her 6 week checkup...she was 1 month pregnant!!! Yikes...3 kids in one year!!!
  9. i have 2 kids, DH and I waited a full 2 years before having another one....... takes a lot of work, patience, love and money.........
  10. We started trying for #2 when my dd was 18 months. My kids are 7 years apart. I would have preferred a 2.5 - 3 year gap but you've got to take them as they come.

    However it works out, that will be right for your family.
  11. My brother and I are 14 mos. apart- I think it can go either way when the kids are that close in age or closer, i.e. whether they are friends or not. My brother and I have opposite personalities and it was annoying at the time to have him be only one grade below me. We went to every school together at the same time, and the years where we had to transition to high school, college, etc. were the only times we had real freedom. Spacing it out to two years or so will give each kid some breathing room, but they'll still be close enough in age to play and help each other in school!
  12. i don't have kids, but i'm the middle child in my family. i'm about 1 1/2 years younger than my brother... and my sister is about 2 1/2 years younger than me. growing up, i always thought it was fun to have siblings closer in age.
  13. my two boys are 2 years and 8 months too.

    They fight now but I'm sure they will be close when they are older.

    I think 1-2 years is best IMO. My sis and I are 4 years apart and we weren't close till I had kids at 27. Then my younger sis and I are 8 years apart and we aren't close AT ALL!! I agree it will be hard at first with two little ones so close together but I agree once you have them it will be done! Plus I think they will be closer which is better for them.
  14. 2-3 years
  15. My sister and I are 8 years apart, and with my little brother we are also 8 years apar. He is 13 going to 14, and I am going to be 22.