how long would you give seller to respond before opening a dispute?


Jun 12, 2013
I purchased a bag on ebay last night and when I woke up, paid for the bag. Checked my e-mail and saw a message from seller I didnt know she/he had sent saying she already sold the bag before and doesn't have it anymore, so basically sorry and don't pay. too late I just did!

So I wrote her and asked her how a refund would go and then again because I researched it for a little while and I told her she could just refund it back to the card (that's how it works I read) and haven't heard back all morning. From all the sales she has had (like 12000 or so) I would think selling on ebay is her job but I will assume she maybe has another one and just hasn't got the message yet. How long should I give her to respond and should I write her again at that time or just open a dispute? Thank you!


May 10, 2010
You should give her a few days. Also, in order for her to get her fees back from ebay, she has to get your cooperation to cancel the transaction. Don't agree to cancel the transaction until you receive your refund. You can also dispute the cancel transaction so she doesn't get her fees back.