How long would the flats be in stores?

  1. I have been hinting for the flats LOL for christmas, but would they already be sold out by then? Should I just bite my tongue and buy it myself?
  2. if they won't buy it for you early, to give for christmas, it may be a good idea to buy it for yourself now

    shoes never go to outlet and once it hits sale, it sells super duper fast.

    i haven't checked the flats but i know the other legacy shoes, the boots and the clogs and the wedges have been selling out quickly, which sucks because i'm always waiting for them to go on sale...can't quite get myself to spend that much on shoes when i'm the type of person that kicks em' off once i get home and they take a beating, trust me.
  3. Our boutique didn't carry them, but the department stores at both ends of our mall has already sold out of most sizes of them (weird that the boutique wouldn't have them, but the dept. stores would, but I guess the dept. stores have more room). And they have sold out of most other styles already (signature clogs, Hamptons boots, sig heeled boots, cap-toe sneakers).

    If you really want them, I'd buy them now.
  4. i would say buy it yourself.
    all 3 stores around here are sold out of them...
  5. Ack! Thanks all... when is this sale?