How long will you carry your baby Coco Cabas?

  1. I love my black cabas, but when I first bought it I had some concerns about trendiness. Since it is coming out again for spring, I think it is good for another season, but I am just wondering about how long after that??
  2. As long as big bags are in, the baby and mama cabas will be in style. Doesn't look like the trend is stopping for large bags in the near future. I have the baby cabas and plan to carry it whenever it matches the outfit I am wearing!
  3. i think all Chanel are timeless, i enjoy carry the IT bag of mement, but love it more when it becomes unique after the IT moment phase out.
  4. I agree!! Then it'll become a "collector's piece"!! heheee!! :p
  5. I will carry mine regardless of whether it's "in" or out. I :love: the cabas and that's really all that matters, IMO. :yes: It's such a great bag, I can throw ANYTHING in there and it's so comfortable to wear on the shoulder.
  6. Normally, Chanel is classic. I have a baby cabas in white. I don't think it will be forever. This bag is a kind of fashion. However, I don't care about it and I will keep it as long as possible.
  7. I agree that Chanel in general is timeless. The baby coco cabas is pretty simple (unadorned) so imo it is pretty classic.
  8. My Khaki cabas will be here on Monday from NM. I havent even seen it in person to know if I will like it yet. I dont carry bags because theyre "in" I carry what I like. I still carry an old classic Dooney from 1990 when they were considered a "luxury" bag (now I think theyre crap but thats my opinion). I LOVE the Cabas from pictures, cant wait to get mine.
  9. I haven started carrying mine yet :shame: but when i do.. i will probably be carrying it for a long time!! :yes: I'm really in luff with the bronze color! :love:
  10. I've been carrying mine non-stop for the past month and will not be stopping any time soon. Even if it isn't trendy anymore, it's a TDF bag.
  11. ^totally agree, I'd still carry mine if it wasn't the IT bag. I love it, love the size and everything about...just hope it doesn't break-like how I already had to use pliers to push the chainlink back together :push:

  12. I agree!!
  13. Sorry to hijack, but I was wondering, are the intertwined straps on the baby cabas comfortable, and do they dig into your shoulder?
  14. ^actually no, they're quite comfortable.
  15. If I can ever find one, I'd wear it forever! I think the baby coco cabas isn't so big that it's trendy.