how long will this line be around for?

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  1. anyone know how long monogram groom will be around for? i have so much stuff i want right now but would have to save up to get it. the bag i want in damier will be around, but what about monogram groom? i want to buy a bandana or a bandeau to tie on the bag once i get it and normally i would buy them both at the same time. but if the bandana or bandeau isn't going to be around, i'm guessing i should buy that soon and just wait until i can buy the bag?
  2. proably till like march? then slowly it goes away....
  3. ouch. okay thanks, guess i will have to look into buying it soon.
  4. Yep, dissappearing soon.
  5. I gauged until about March...there are still plenty around though, for the time being. The only thing I know that was harder to get ahold of was the yellow Groom bandeau for some reason.
  6. I think its just going to slowly go away like cerises and panda stuff and you might find a piece or two on elux or through 866. I wouldnt be surprised to see someone getting something like in december of this year from this line.

    Elux sometimes has a cherry blossom belt still lol... even though that was years ago!!!
  7. not a problem ;) i want red. and i saw a yellow one on eluxury like two days ago.
  8. Lol red was the first one I had gotten, then it made me want the yellow. I searched for it for quite awhile, but I ended up getting it for Christmas :heart:
  9. I'm still debating whether I want something from this line... the PMR is cute, but it's orange! I don't wear anything orange!!!

    The Agenda is nice but I want a Medium Ring!!! :sad:
  10. Lol Juan I know! I wanted the PMR, but I wanted it in red. So I settled for the yellow cles :lol:
  11. My friend said she liked the Cles a while back. I told her to get it because it would match the color of her teeth. :roflmfao: I'm such a nice friend!

    But yeah... If a green or navy blue Groom PMR would have been made, I would have purchased that baby in a NY second!!!

    OT: Yay for my 5,000th post!!! :yahoo:
  12.'re so kind. Seriously. :rolleyes:

    Congrats on your 5000th! :party:
  13. The bandana and bandeau are running out fast. I managed to get the last Bandeau from my store last week. They had 2 cles's left and an agenda and keyring so Im gunna get somthing else I think. :smile:
  14. CONGRATS on the 5000th post!:wlae:
  15. congrats John !!! :smile: