How long will this last ?

  1. Okay, we all know about the price drops:woohoo:, but does anyone know how long this will last ? Any input from an SA or anyone who knows would be greatly appriciated ! THANKS ! :tup:
  2. Will Carly be marked down anytime soon?
  3. ^^ Doubt it - she is too popular. From what others have been posting in other threads, it sounds like a permanent markdown. I don't know for sure, though.
  4. I called my local store and the manager told me that this is NOT a sale but a permanent reduction in the prices of those select items. Maybe this means prices will slowly start to drop for other bags too. That would be great!
  5. great to know! and hopefully they will drop prices on other bags as well.
  6. These prices are the new retail prices on these bags. I don't foresee them re-pricing any other bags anytime soon, but could be wrong. I seriously doubt Carly is going to have any type of change in price. There were only ten bags that were selected to be re-priced.
  7. are coach shoes marked down too? I need new shoes!!!:hysteric:
  8. If these are markdowns on the site, will these be effective in the stores (such as Macys) as well?
  9. I e-mailed Coach...still awaiting a response.
  10. So this is permanent eh?! Yay! I talked the BF into buying me the Signature Gallery Tote in black for Christmas :smile: SOOOOOOOOOO excited cause I know he got me other Coach stuff!

    Is it Christmas yet?!?
  11. I just called JAX and got conformation

    The price mark-down IS PERMANENT!!!!!!
  12. Here is the response I got from Coach:

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Coach did a re-price of a few items to provide exceptional value to our
    customers during the gift giving season and to be consistent with our department stores.

    If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to
    contact us.


    Coach Online Consumer Service
  13. THANK YOU ALL for your help to answering my question !!!

  14. That's fabulous! Now if only they would mark down the leather items too, or a Carly? Haha, sounds too good to hope for...