how long will these be around ?

  1. im saving my money for
    • denim pouchette cles
    • transparent inclusion pm
    • WMC long scarf
    i have enough for the long scarf, and almost enough for the other too. im going to LV on saturday and im wondering which one i should get first.
    which one will be around the longest so i can get that last.
    im thinking about getting the inclusion bc it would be the first to run out but i wasnt sure

    TIA ! :tup:
  2. MC scarf has been around a while and the denim cles should hopefuly be here to stay but inclusions are always limited.
  3. I would get them in the following order:

    1. Transparent Inclusion PM
    2. Denim Cles
    3. White MC Scarf <--- I'm pretty sure this is the one that will be around the longest.
  4. alright thank you LV Diva thats what i needed !

    i hope i get my bracelet this weekend it will be my first LV purchase :biggrin:
  5. I hope you get the bracelet too, I'm excited for you!
  6. I agree with Lv Diva!
    I hope you get your inclusion
    can't wait to see pics :smile:
  7. the bracelet is my first choice.
  8. inclusion
  9. I have the Transparent Inclusion PM and absolutely adore it! I have a hard time not looking at it when I wear it 'cause it is so pretty! Remember the Transparent Inclusion PM comes in 2 sizes. I called 866-VUITTON and had them hunt around and find me a small one--they found it in Chicago and Tessa the manager sent it to me! The small has a 2.25" opening and the regular has a 2.5" opening. That quarter of an makes a big difference believe it or not. Just thought I would let you know
  10. I hope you do get the Inclusion first!

    I'm still deciding whether or not to get the Denim Cles... :hrmm:
  11. Elux still has the transparent PM bangle and most stores do too. I know my store has had it for quite awhile now. But I agree, since the denim cles just came out, that shouldn't be too hard to find...none of them really will be IMO.
    I'd go with LV Diva's list though...that's a good order.
  12. John just get it :devil:
  13. thanks for all your help guys ! now im really excited :biggrin:

    haha john you should get the denim cles i think its one of the cutest cles' out there

    im kind of worried about the two different sized pms is it hard to tell which is which im a little confused ?
  14. I hope you get your bracelet and be sure to post pics so we can all share in your first LV purchase with you!
  15. ahh oh no
    i just called my LV store and they have no transparent PMS
    and there is only 3 left in the us !

    so im going in tomorrow to try it on to make sure i like it then i guess im going to order one of the 3

    what if they run out before tomorrow morning :crybaby:

    i worry too much but i just had my heart set on it hmph