How long will the new tonic green and galactic blue vernis colors be around?

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  1. I'm sorry to post this as a new thread because I'm sure someone's answered this, but I searched a few times and I think it's buried in another thread somewhere, I can't seem to find it. Also if this is in the wrong place I'm sorry as well.

    I wanted to know how long the limited vernis colors (green and blue) will be around? I want to make sure that I get what I want before they're gone, thanks!!
  2. It's my understanding that the bleu galactic and tonic green Vernis colors are more limited, compared to the other pop Vernis colors. These colors are supposed to be seasonal (at least through May/June) but at the time, there's only a certain quantity of each color that was produced for a specific hand bag style.
  3. My SA told me 3 months for the green and blue, and 6 months for the pink and orange. With LV you never know, but this is what I was told!
  4. Thanks guys! Wow 3 months, that doesn't give me much time!
  5. Please, don't forget the probable price increase around the corner !
  6. I think I'm going to get what I want in the next month, but thanks for letting me know!
  7. ahh didn't realise that, i just decided to get the galactic, but won't be able to afford it for a few months.
  8. I was told this too
  9. the book says 4 months for the blue and green, 6 months for the pink and orange but pomme was only supposed to be 6 months too, they can get extended but if you love it's best not to wait