How long will the metallic trend last?

  1. I ordered a dark silver cruise reissue during the Saks egc event (still waiting for it to arrive) and I'm thinking about how metallics have been popular for a few seasons now. While I have enjoyed their popularity (obviously) I still find myself surprised every time I see metallic returning as a trend on the runways for the new collections.

    So my question to you stylish tPF members is:

    How long do you think the hyper-popularity of all things metallic will last? I mean, fully acknowledging that metallics go with "everything," how long can it really be acceptable to wear something so (literally) flashy? (in particular, I'm thinking of the silver and gold lame/sequin dresses I have been seeing in vogue, instyle, etc.)

    Is this some kind of fashion conspiracy? Are, one of these seasons, metallics going to be totally taboo? Is that even possible? (Clearly I am having trouble envisioning life BEFORE the metallic craze of 2003-2004)
  2. LOL - I'm completely biased - but in my heart metallics will NEVER go out of style. I love them to bits and I plan on carrying them the rest of my life! To me metallics is like black. They may not be the focus of any particular season in the fashion industry.. but it is always there and always relevant.
  3. I think it depends on how blingy/metallic it is personally.
    I think the very shimmery ones or mirrored looking ones will be dated sooner than the more subtle ones like the Luxe Ligne or Cotton Club metallics personally.

  4. ^My thoughts exactly!
  5. Even Tod's is showing metallics. They are never one to jump on a trend - they are pretty much conservative IMO. I think subtle metallics will be around for awhile.
  6. ^ITA:yes:
  7. LOL - Good point Swanky! My brain is so one-tracked on the metallics I like that the super blingy ones like the LV Miroir line didn't even register in my brain as being metallic. :sweatdrop:

    I think it's the same as with any colour. Things that are more neutral just have more staying power and the things that are more "out there" are just trends/fads.

    For example...I for one.. hope the neon trend from the 80s never comes back.
  8. ITA. 'Nuff said.

  9. I'm afraid it already is...

    I've seen so many "brights" in magazines lately as the new it trend.

    To me, much of it already looks a little "neon."
  10. but with the cotton club.. then you have to consider that it is incorporating three MAJOR trends right now (albeit one of them is trademark chanel): zippers, quilting, and metallic.

    ahhh. overthinking trends and the pendulum of fashion makes me so nervous.
  11. you consider quilting trendy?
    Chanel has had theat signature for years and years, I don't see it as trendy at all.
  12. that's why i said it is trademark chanel, don't misunderstand me here Swanky. I love cotton club. I love quilting. I think metallic is great. I even ordered the uber-blingy cruise reissue.


    with marc jacobs doing quilting, juicy couture, dior, and numerous others that I have seen in magazines basically telling fashionistas to get the quilted bag look at whatever pricepoint they can afford, one can't deny that for chanel it may not be a trend, but for the rest of the world right now, quilted bags definitely are.
  13. I really don't think that metallics are necessarily a trend, and can only be relegated to that category. I also have the dark silver reissue, a metallic gold bowler, bronze CC tote, and various other bronze/metallic bags. Fashion always spotlights certain things (i.e. silver is the must have metallic for spring, etc.), but metallics IMO have and will continue to be stylish. I treat metallics as a neutral, and don't wear them head to toe, at the risk of being to shiny haha, but I really don't think you have to worry about looking passe while sporting a little metallic :smile:

  14. The thing is, designers design clothing and accessories each season to sell (one can't deny that profit is the name of the design game). Quilting for Chanel is certainly not a trend, it has been around forever. As for other designers adopting quiliting, well, there is no copyright law on quilting, and designers are, afterall, in the business of making money. If a quilted bag style is seen by a particular designer (say Juicy Couture), as being stylish, and more importantly, saleable, then of course that designer will adopt that particular design aesthetic, and why not? I think that there is room for everyone. Just my opinion :smile:

  15. I *love* the metallics that Chanel has. I especially love the cotton club metallics and the matte gold, which are softer and more subtle. I also think the dark silver reissue is stunning. I plan to use my metallics as well as my *big* bags regardless of whether they are "in or out." :yes: