How long will pond stay available?

  1. I am going to King of Prussia later and of course, I could ask an SA this, but what the heck - anyone know how long pond will stay available for things like the legacy items? I think I am definitely ordering a pond wristlet today, but I didn't want to spend a ton of money right now on another bag if the pond might still be available in a couple months.
  2. I called the 800 number about the natural color and was told it was fewer than 200, so maybe you should call and ask about pond. I find waiting to order can be hard for something you really want becuase I'm always afraid it will be gone if I wait to long.
  3. When you find out please let us know. I would love a pond shoulder bag but really wanted to wait til March for the PCE. I would love that bag even more with 25% off.
  4. Yes, I'm curious about the same thing! I just got a Whiskey shoulder bag last week and I can't justify to my husband that I need another of the same bag in a different color! I'd like to wait a little bit before I get it. I'd actually like the shoulder zip or hippy in pond but I don't think they're made.

    That would be great if you buy the pond now, return to the store during the PCE and re-buy right away using the 25% off. I wonder if that would work?
  5. beanpole - you sound like me. I already have 2 shoulder bags, but I saw the pond one today and FELL IN LOVE!!! I picked up a wristlet to quench the deisre a bit, but I think it's made it worse! But I just can't justify a third shoulder bag yet (especially to dh!).

    eosgurl (and everyone else who's wondering) - I asked the SA about pond and she said they'd have it until they sold out, but she figured it would be around for at least a couple of months. I so desperately want to hold out until the PCE . . . must . . . resist . . . pond . . .
  6. i think for about two seasons.
  7. I know what you mean. My husband would notice if I started carrying around another bag that he hasn't seen before. The first question would be "How much did that one cost?" Guys don't understand the whole female purse thing...