how long will Pomme color be around?

  1. first off, I apologize if i put this question in wrong just wondering, if anyone knows how long Pomme d'Amour color will be available in boutiques? After buying a ludlow in this color i realized i had to have a bag in this color!! (i am leaning towards the Houston now). Though since I just bought my Rosewood in September and have bought several LV accessories since then, i need to wait a bit till next purchase.:push: Hmm, maybe till Valentine's day or my b-day in May. Though i'm afraid that by then, the pomme color may be discontinued (i hope not, though!!!)
  2. I just got the pomme houston 2 weeks ago! I love it! Not sure how long the color will be around. I just wanted to recommend the bag:heart: Definately a head turner.
  3. Well, it was released around Valentine's Day last year so I'm guessing it'll stick around until at least then.
  4. good question. i really want the vernis koala wallet in Pomme but i def dont have that much money for a wallet right now.