How long will Mulberry take to give me the refund?

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  1. Hello, Ladies..

    Just got a quick question about the refund of sale purchase from the Mulberry website.

    I ordered a purse from about 10 days ago- received it, didn't like the leather. So I decided to return it the following day for a refund. The purse was sent by special delivery and from the Royal Mail tracking service-it's been received. It's been many days now.

    Do you know how long I have to wait until Mulberry give me the refund? I called the customer service this morning and they just say there would be a delay (as many items have been returned to their warehouse) but couldn't point out how long it will take.

    Thanks for your help
  2. Hi Frangipani, I phoned about the same thing this morning and they told me it would be processed very very quickly once they received the returned item. I would call again tomorrow.

    In my case Royal Mail have lost the parcel, all it says on their tracking service is that it is out for delivery (should have got their on the 1st July). Thank goodness I sent it Special Delivery.
  3. I returned my items last Monday and still not received my refund. I remember from the Xmas sale that the refund took a good week or so to show up.
  4. Mine took 1 month at Xmas as it had been received and they had forgotton to process.
    Only after speaking to a Manager, did it get sorted.
  5. I actually refused delivery on a second item - and UPS returned it back to Mulberry. They told me my refund would be processed by the end of this week?(Bag was received by Mulberry last Friday)
  6. Oh I didn't realise that it can take that long for a refund! I think if I don't hear anything tomorrow I will call the customer service again to press on!! Thanks for your answers ladies.
  7. it took me a really long time last sale. In swden we have regulations that say it can't take more than 30 days, but don't know how it is in UK
  8. I just looked at my Royal Mail tracking and after 4 days the bag has still not been delivered? I sent it SD, so wonder if they only accept deliveries on certain days (or my item has gone missing)??
  9. I am returning some shoes today. I rang about having them shipped back using UPS but it was going to cost £25! I have booked for Parceforce to ship them. It will be £12.99 and take 48 hrs.

    Anyway back to the question lol... I asked how long the refund will take and the CS agent said up to 72 hours after they receive the package back and check it.
  10. Mine has gone missing too. It should have been delivered on 1st July and all the website says is that it left the depot and is out for delivery. Royal Mail have set up an investigation to find it. When should yours have been delivered Rachiem?