How long will H store in your country keep you waitlisted?

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  1. Hi guys,

    May I hear fr all of you how long you have to wait for your Birkin when placing an order? I just would like to take advantage of this international forum to know what they are all about at H store in your country.

    If your H store don't take any waitlisted order, please just mention it! :P

    Thank you
  2. once you get on the list in London the wait can be from 6 months to one year...
  3. I'm on the list for a Birkin in London and am told it will be the end of the year that I get my bag, I got on the list this month
  4. I placed a podium order in February, was told my brique birkin should arrive in November. About 9 making a baby!:P
  5. ^^^ :lol:
  6. Within 6 months in Europe.
  7. i m in Australia, i dont know about this ...........but they say they cant predict................
  8. In Toronto, depending on how specific you are it could take up to 2 years.
  9. I was told max 5 months at FSH, I haven't been called yet though (2 months). And it's not in my country really, but it's where I shop H.
  10. Hermes Mexico city: 1 week!! to get my birkin black togo:yahoo:
    Hermes Knokke (Belgium): I bought my birkin gold clemence that was in the back store!
    Hermes Brussels: up to one year to get a black one
    Hermes Montreal: up to two years if you are very specific
  11. I waited about a year for my first Birkin :yahoo:
    and it's going to be another long year for the second one, Hermès Copehagen Denmark has told me. Love to wait.......:drool:
  12. Oh! I can't believe we have to be that patient! H Bangkok told me it'd be 1 - 2 years. However, it took less than 7 months in Paris. My friend normally buy some gifts for SA & the SA make things faster for her.
  13. Feb order this year and the waiting time will be 6-10 months according to my SA.
  14. I just picked mine up.....took 2 weeks!!
  15. Mooks congraulations!!:tup:
    were you on the list in london and it just took 2 weeks to get?
    Btw what did u get!!