How long until you take out a new LV?

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  1. I wonder how you feel about this...

    When I am buying a new bag, or agenda or another thing from LV it sometimes takes me a while until it gets a first outing. I am sitting there and admire it and am a bit afraid to ruin it so it always takes me some courage to use it for the first time...strange, I know.

    So at the moment I have that cute mandarin agenda sitting there waiting for a red bag to go with it at christmas ( having a colourful moment) and I wonder how long it will take me to get them out of the house...
  2. I start using my stuff automatically... :biggrin:
  3. Usually the next day :yes:
  4. it depends - i dont tend to be that cautious with LV bags and accessories, i no i should take more care with them!

    but when i got my fendi spy i didnt dare use it! i am so careful with it, i'm frightened to death of ruining it!
  5. Sometimes I don't ever take some of them out:shame: I used my damier speedy & suhali lockit the next day....have yet to use the gold pap .. it is sooo bright:nuts:
  6. I know where you are coming from...kinda like you are afraid to get it dirty and ruin it on the first day, because it would be a shame if it happened right after buying it. So if that happens after having it and admiring it for a feel weeks first, you wont feel as bad.
  7. i haven't used my new groom agenda since the reffils are for 2007 and i haven't tested the gold pen eather lol i can't wait to use it!!!:smile:
  8. if they're precious new LE pieces...I still haven't started using them~
    if normal one, probably nxt day :smile:
  9. Yes, I get like that too. It usually takes me a few days or weeks to enjoy the new fresh LV smell before I start taking them out with me. :P
  10. ASAP :yes:
  11. 2 mths later

    but after i use dun look as it used to be

    at least the colour changes n i am getting value for my money by using it
  12. Yes, as soon as possible !!!
  13. about 5 min!
  14. I used mine, the first min I step out of the store
  15. RIGHT AWAY!!! haha :smile: