How long until PATINA?

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  1. :shrugs:
    How long until your handles started to turn?
    I've been clutching on to my new bag for the last four days straight while we were on mini vaca for my b'day and our anniversary.
    It's like standing around waiting for water to boil. LOL!!

    How much longer do I have to wait!?!?!:graucho:
  2. When I got my first Mono Speedy, it took a few weeks to get a little color, but for the honey color it took a few months :yes:
  3. Its going to take months to get a nice honey color but you can speed up the process by leaving it in a sunny window for a bit just as long as it is not Vernis.
  4. ^eeek. keep vernis away from the window. my perle ludlow is yellowing because of it.
    definitely a few months for other bags.
  5. It's a white MC Alma.
    Thank you for the info.
    I'll carry it in my sleep! :p
  6. Its a slow process. Girls i Japan actually tan their bags b/c its sooo not cool to have a new looking bag because then it looks like you couldn't always afford it. KWIM
  7. My speedy took about eight months to get a nice deep rich patina.

  8. fascinating tidbit there! I had heard women from a certain Asian country in particular buy used bags from eBay or wherever bec. the broken in look is more acceptable and the new look is considered uncouth or something to that affect, I suppose you know the real story here, as I didn't know the origin of the country or the real reason why. But I don't get it completely, what if you just wanted to get a replacement bag or a newer style, kwim, then it wouldn't make sense for it to have dark vachetta. Like when the mc first came out or the cb style, did they tan those too?
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