How long until auction posts?

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  1. I posted a new auction over and hour ago and it doesn't show up when i do a search for it. How long does it usually take for an auction to show up in searches?? It doesn't even show up under my user name in "items for sale."
  2. It generally takes about 8 hours to show up in searches, believe it or not. They seem to update the database far less often these days, I suppose because of the sheer volume of listings.
    It will be visible in your My eBay as an item you are selling, but prospective buyers can't see it yet.
    Yes, it sucks. Yes, eBay is super slow.
  3. It takes approx. 24 hours to show up, if there's a 'designer' name in the title. The best way to get around it is to schedule the listing one day in advance, it costs £0.06 (on, then it will pop up more-or-less at the scheduled time. I was panicking too the first time when it happened to my listings (emailed the helpline etc...)