How long to wait to have sex after giving birth?

  1. Hey ya'll...

    Tomorrow it will be 4 weeks since giving birth to Julia and the bleeding has gone down significantly and there's not much left yet. Are there any dangers of having sex before the typical 6 weeks or is there some sort of medical reason not to other than the bleeding?

    My OB is on vacation right now and the offices are closed over the weekend until Tuesday due to a holiday. It's not an urgent question, I'm just currious!
  2. It's more of a comfort than a medical thing, isn't it?
  3. I agree with could always try it and tell us how it went...
  4. Well, we don't want to know how it went, but if you start to feel uncomfortable, stop.
  5. I checked online and it said 6 weeks or whenever one is ready. There are a lot of different answers out there.
  6. OB's recommend 6 weeks, or at elast until your check up.
    Do you haev a 6 week check up scheduled?
    You should wait until then:yes:
  7. Ahhhh, okay! Just wanted to make sure my Uterus wasn't going to be all wonky and messed up if I did it before 6 weeks. We're in no rush - too tired to have sex anyway, lmao.
  8. That reminded me of the joke about how the family nurse came to remove a patient's episiotomy stitches and found them already gone...the patient's husband removed them because 'they tickled'!
  9. My Dr. told me 6 weeks (I had a c-section though) and then I did it at 4 I think anyway. No problems but my Dr. wasn't happy with me.
  10. Heehee, good for you guys, even having that in mind. I didn't want to touch my SO for about 6 mos. afterwards.
  11. I think at least a month.

    but i remember a doctor said as long as you feel comfortable and not painful anymore, you can have sex.

    good luck!!!
  12. The six weeks has to do with healing any tears or episiotomies that my be present if it was a vaginal birth.

    Most women have scar tissue afterwards that needs time to heal.

    I can't believe you're up to it!!! At four weeks all I wanted was to sleep whenver I could!. Good for you!:tup:
  13. LOL! I agree! I fact, I told DH my OB/GYN said 10 weeks!:lol:
  14. haha! I think I'll be using that one Swanky!

    Melanie, I asked my midwife about this just the other day & she said it had a lot to do with possible infection too. (not STI, just regualr nasty infections) I'd definitely check with a midwife or someone though.
  15. Better to wait untill the doctor gives you the OK than to risk re-tearing or infection. And besides, time flys with a baby.

    Good luck!