How long to wait to file INR.......

  1. Hasn't happened yet - I only ask because checking the sellers history shows a few cases where buyers had to file INR to get refunded & seller didn't answer emails.

    I BIN'd something 10/22. People who got stuff after that have rec. their items & left feedback. I have emailed the seller twice so far just inquiring if it shipped - no responses. So if this continues how long before filing?? 2-3 weeks?
  2. I'd file on the first available date, don't let it go. Bad sellers can drag their feet so long and string buyers along that time expires.

  3. kbell - you can file with Paypal now... File a complaint and escalate it to a claim - he seller will then have to respond by providing proof of shipment. If they don't respond in 10 days the claim is found in your favor and you are fully refunded.:yes:
  4. 10 days after the transaction was completed I would file. Is the item in the same country as you or an international transaction?
  5. I thought Sellers had 30 days to ship?
    Did I read that herea few times?
    I'd escalate it anyhow.
  6. Sellers must ship within 7 days to be covered by paypals seller protection.The FTC gives sellers 30 days.

    Personally, I would get a little itchy if a seller waited 30 days to ship.

    Maybe get her contact info through eBay and give her a call.