how long to wait for rhinestone earrings?

  1. hiya!!!
    i was wondering
    from placing yourself on the waiting list to geting the rhinestone earrings, how long have most of you waited for them?

    i'm thinking that the waiting list in america isn't that long? can anyone confirm. thanku!!!

    i'm referring to the rhinestone CC earrings in the larger size...

  2. ^^I'd never heard of a waiting list for these earrings. I think you can call the Chanel 800# and they can help you find them readily available in one of the boutiques.:yes:
  3. They seem to always have some in the boutiques in the US.
  4. I saw some at the Chanel boutique this weekend. Try giving the San Francisco store a call. thanks.
  5. thanku ladies!!! looks like i need to do some hunting :p
  6. I saw some today at the Chanel in the Bellagio (Vegas). Sorry, I don't know the number, but a quick google search should turn it up. HTH!
  7. I purchased a pair at the NYC Chanel Boutique about a month ago so maybe give them a call?
  8. Charlotte NM had them yesterday. 704-442-7900.
  9. thanku girls you guys haev been so helpful :biggrin:

    does anyone know how much they usually charge for shipping?
  10. just talked to an SA
    she told me they are 225...has the price gone up?
    i'm so outddated
  11. do you know how much shipping is to syd?