How long to wait for contact from seller?

  1. Ladies,
    I won and paid for a Chanel bag on Wednesday. I still haven't had any contact from the seller even though I have sent 4 emails.

    According to the item description, the seller ships within 24 hours of receiving payment via UPS. But I haven't received any tracking info and my confirmed address is a PO Box.

    Any suggestions for what I should do?
  2. That is quite a long time to wait. The seller should have contacted you by now. How is their feedback?
  3. Thanks! The seller has 100% positive on 85 feedback. I want to give benefit of the doubt but this was a best offer situation. When she accepted my offer, I 'd think she'd let me know any special circumstances (on vacation will ship in 10 days, etc).

    It's $1,775 so it's not small change.
  4. hmm.. it has been a few days. she should have responded to your emails by now. UPS doesn't ship to po boxes so she should have sent you something by now saying her method of shipment and stuff.
  5. I just had a seller who stated that they shipped USPS ship my item UPS and actually shipped it to the p.o. box:cursing: He did send me the tracking number. UPS however, took it upon themselves to find out the "correct" street address and delivered it to the next town over:wtf: I called them, but they wouldn't help, but told me to contact the seller. Seller was a pita simply telling me it had been delivered....yeah to the wrong town! Come to find out they delivered it to my ex-husbands wife!! She has the same name!! Luckily when I contacted her she agreed to let me come pick it up.

    I would keep emailing to get the #. If the seller printed a label through paypal, you can go to your paypal payment and the tracking # will be there, it will say "check shipment".

    Good luck to ya, I hope you hear from her soon.