How long to wait before seeing a specialist?

  1. How long do you think you should TTC w/o success until doing some tests? I know dr.s say it takes the average healthy couple 1 year to conceive. But is that too long if there is something wrong??

    Here is my situation... went to DR. last week after trying for 6 months and she said I have 3 options:
    1) She sends me to an infertility specialist and it will cost lots of $$$
    2) She sends me to get HSG test and husband to get sperm analysis and it cost us $$
    3) Do nothing until it has been a full year.

    So I say to DH, I want to schedule an HSG test in January b/c she said there is a chance I have a blocked tube since I had a DNC for pollups a few years back. DH thinks I should wait a little longer and he is not willing to get the sperm analysis done right now.

    I am getting REALLY frustrated :hysteric: and don't know what to do.:shrugs: If we wait, I feel like we are wasting time when it could be as simple as a blocked tube....
  2. be honest I think I would wait.
    The first reason being the costs involved. How much money are we talking about?
    Is there anyway to get the tubes checked without it being a fertility issue? Like saying you have some pain and getting an ultrasound?

    In Canada, the first thing they do when couples are having trouble TTC is the sperm analysis. That would be the first thing I would have done before having the HSG. JMO
  3. I need to call my insurance company... but if they don't cover it, the HSG test will be around $500-600 out of pocket. The sperm analysis is only $50-60. But the DH is resisting the analysis....
  4. well it seems like the least invasive way to start trouble shooting makes practical sense. My husband had the sperm analysis. He was able to get the sample to the lab within the hour from taking it, so he didn't have to do it there. Just drop it off at the lab. At last visit, infertility Dr's. office gave me container for him. The worst thing you can do is stress! May be first you can find out about the insurance coverage/out of pocket cost to you, like you said. Bring the facts right to DH big head and "little head". Give hubby sometime to come around. Even with my hub. he was resistant at first. It's like giving away their sperm takes away their mojo! Really, I think they get scared like we do. But, hate to admit it, ignore it better. It can't be there's a problem with my sperm... their ego is in question once they take this test. Before we knew there is nothing functionally wrong... I wanted it to be me if there was because I didn't think DH ego could handle it. I think you can convince him because it is the simplest, least invasive of all testing and the most inexpensive. Build up the perks!
  5. So does the insurance cover? I looked into it in the past. Luckily, they have to cover those costs in Massachuttes.

    Honestly, I may wait for a few more months.

    My hubby did the sperm analysis two months ago. It is nothing to be embrassed.

    He had a private room with a lot of magzines, VCR tapes, and a TV. The only complaint was, the VCR doesn't work. :upsidedown: And they told him to put the cup somewhere once he finished. He took it really well and just thought it is an experience.

    I really want to tell you it will happen. My gf told me over and over again, remember it took me 7 months. It will be happen, it is just matter of time.
  6. Oh Hubby doesn't need to hold the cup and hand it to someone. He put it in the spot, that's it.
  7. 6 months for us.
    I tolf my OB we had been trying for 6 months and she quickly tested me to see if I was even ovulating, while we did that she had DH test as well.
    We found out immediately it was me, not him. We scheduled a hysterosalpingogram and she prescribed Clomid {50mg} and I got pregnant the first try.

    2nd time it took me 6 months on Clomid, finally got pregnant after upping the dose to 100mg and adding progesterone suppositories to the program.
    My OB put me on CLomid after 2 months of trying only because of my documented fertility problems.
  8. If i were you i'd wait.. me & hubby were trying for 1 year and 4 months when finally i got pregnant naturally.. i was too scared of the pain to do tests :sad:
  9. we decided to get checked out in case there was something wrong besides my age. It turns out there is nothing wrong. dr. says avg. pregnancies are 20% for those actively trying. I went on clomid three times and nothing. Be patient. you are in the majority not the minority. Did you find out about insurance info or hubby test? you really have to relax more. ya know stress can lenghthen your cycle. Tell your hub. it would take a lot of stress off you if he just got checked. At least, maybe ruling things out would give you some confidence and reassurance. I know it did for us, because I was in overdrive, worked up about it all the time.
  10. Tabbyco,

    I would not wait, I'd encourage you to do #2 now, and have everything checked before doing #1.

    Even if you go for #1, you have to do the same tests, so better be prepared and the specialist can start right away. And we'd to wait 3 months to get an appointment to see a specialist!

    We're not getting younger, dear!
  11. I have a $500 deductible, so anything over $500, ins. will take care of... so, DH and I have decided that we will do the tests in January. We've got $$ in our flex account. Fortunately we planned ahead, knowing we would either be paying for having a baby or fertility expenses. We figured by meeting the deductible in January, anything else that came our way would be covered.
  12. OMG Tabbyco- my husband is like that too.
    My insurance covered the HSG, had it in March- said nothing was wrong. They did my husbands sperm analysis but want a blood test too. I have done every test imaginable and they keep saying we are fine. He better get that blood test!!