How long to wait before RECEIVING item???


Feb 1, 2007
I bought a pretty expensive pair of earrings and paid by paypal on March 25th. I have had every excuse in the book from this seller about why she hasn't sent them: she has an ear infection, she has lyme's disease, she is crunching numbers, her assistant is on vacation, she even gave me the phone number of her "significant other, " a lawyer, to call so HE could send them out. (Had a great talk with him, STILL no earrings.) She has given me a DHL tracking number that doesn't work, and when I emailed her about that dead horse, she said she was sending me the new tracking # since she was "sick at home." NO TRACKING NUMBER YET!!!!!OK I am getting nervous and kinda p.o'd. I really wanted these earrings, but WTF????? Should I send her a message before filing refund with paypal - like "I really hate to do this, but if you can't send these out asap, I will file with paypal for a refund..." I have already sent at least three of these gentle "please send the earrings asap" messages.
Oh one more thing - she has apparently sold and sent out several items that she sold on ebay that were purchased way after I made my payment! (all good FB) She has 99.9 % feedback. I really don't get this.
What to do???I don't want to lose these earrings (got them at good price), but don't want to lose my money either.:wtf: Appreciate any help or advice.

LT bag lady

Apr 20, 2007
I would send her one last email and tell her the next step to to file a claim. She may be having seller's remorse since you say you got them at a very good price.
Give her one last chance.
Hope you get them soon.


Jun 3, 2007
Sunny SoCal
At this point it sounds like you have done a lot and still are getting the run around. I think it may be time to open a dispute. She will have to give them a tracking number.

So either she is delaying until the you can no longer file a dspute. Or she sent them regular mail and does not have a tracking number. Or she has changed her mind and just won't tell you.Or she lost them. Or she is a scammer :sad:

You could send one more email before opening a dispute, but I would just open that dispute :yes:
Apr 2, 2008
Los Angeles
i agree with kaymom, just file the dispute even though you're still corresponding with her. try to keep all correspondence through ebay so that you can use it as evidence in your dispute of all the contact youve done to find out about when its being sent. you dont want to wait too long to file the dispute because then it might be too late to do so.