How long to wait before issuing refund for lost package?

  1. It mailed out to the buyer on the 15h of Jan from Berkeley, CA to Hong Kong and there has been no word of it since. The buyer has filed a dispute and escalated it to a Paypal claim (?). This is my first ever dispute so I'm a little confused.

    The post office gave me (my sister actually, as she mailed it for me) a customs control number for tracking purposes instead of a real tracking number so they are about as lost as I am. The package was insured but 1) how does USPS determine that the package is lost if they can't track it? and 2) how can I be sure that USPS will honor my claim? I do have a copy of the auction and the paypal invoice I sent the buyer.

    I've sent the buyer a couple of emails asking her to at least wait until this weekend but this is all stressing me out and I think I might as well get it over with and just issue her refund. Is it too soon? She says she will mail the YSL wallet back to me if it indeed shows up on her doorstep, but I of course don't know this person and how can I be sure she'll actually do that?

    I've used USPS for years and this is the first time I am having a real problem with them.

    Any advice would be most appreciated!
  2. I don't know about usps , but in the u.k it has to 30 days before you can claim for a missing package , but the packages do have a habit of appearing the second you put a claim in . Good luck , talk to paypal directly , they will help you , you will have to fax them a copy of your postage receipt etc .
  3. personally i would not refund them just never know when the package will reach them and at the end of it you could be out of money and YSL wallet.
  4. ^^ This is what I fear. But I also don't want a neg on my feedback. 4 years on eBay with no negatives - I really don't want to risk that. Can someone give you feedback while a dispute is ongoing?
  5. I am also in Manila now so taking care of this personally (going to the post office and calling paypal etc) is not going to be easy. My sister has been to the post office about 8 times to get this sorted out and I hate to impose on her even more
  6. Definitely check the eBay support forums if you haven't already - they are an invaluable source of information.
    I didn't see, but if it were sent parcel post, it can take 30 days to get there and if it got hung up in customs, you never know.
    How is the buyer's feedback? Seems a bit anxious to be threatening you already. I understand your not wanting a neg, but if they do, do it right back, especially if the item is under investigation. It can always be mutually withdrawn later.
    FYI, on one of my international's that got 'lost', I did a trace on it and I never had to go to the post office. Magically, it appeared about two days into the trace at the buyer's home. It had got hung up in customs.
  7. Sorry, one more thing....yes, they can leave neg f/b if there is a dispute.
    Another thing about the neg ~ you have to think if avoiding one neg in four years is worth you losing your money? I had a similar situation to yours, and it stunk getting that first neg, but we both ended up withdrawing the comments, which did not affect my 100% pos f/b.
    It's frustrating I know, but hang in there!
  8. It is just over three weeks which is not uncommon for international shipments. You are obviously a conscientious seller - if you convey this to the buyer with email updates and assurances that this will be (eventually) resolved to her satisfaction you may not get the neg.
  9. Thanks Shepherd Mom - it was sent via Global Priority per buyer's request (I was going to send via International Express) to lower shipping costs. Yes, I guess it won't matter if I have 1 neg, particularly as I don't see myself doing too much more ebaying in the future.

    Actually, this buyer only had 1 feedback when she bid on my auction and didn't bother to ask if I ship internationally (I only quoted US domestic shipping in my auction). I was a bit upset about this but she paid immediately and seemed nice enough in her email but now it looks like she simply isn't willing to wait for the package to show up.

    Northerndancer, I have sent her a few email updates but have gotten no replies other than the initial email included in her dispute.
  10. I had a buyer in Australia give me the wrong address once, he just told me to wait and when and if the package came back to me and he would repay to have it shipped back to him (since it was his error). I waited forever, thought it was gone and totally forgot about.......then over 3 MONTHS later I recieved it at my po box! I couldn't believe it!

    I would give it a little more time, at least 30 days. Just make sure you respond to the dispute, and communicate with your buyer and let them know that you are doing everything on your end to try and help.