How long to wait after using leather conditioner?

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  1. I applied leather conditioner to some of my old bags. I'm very happy with the results! Blacks became shinier and older wrinkly browns became like honey caramel again.

    I'm now hanging the bags on closet handles, letting them air dry. How long before I can store them in their dust bags?

    I want to make sure they're completely dry through and through of course but how can I tell? They seem dry already minutes after the leather lotion has been buffed.
  2. I agree, they seem dry to the touch already minutes after application but I always wait a full 24 hours before storing them. It may be excessive but I just want to be sure. I've never had a problem yet.
  3. 24 hours sounds good. I was going to do the same but wanted to double check in case it's something like 3 days lol.

    Thank you!
  4. I throw some of those little humidity leather sachets in with the bag, just to wick up any type of moisture and prevent mould or mildew. You know those little white sachets that usually come with new shoes!....

  5. Hmm I should've picked those up when I went out earlier... I don't have any now. Hmm now I'm paranoid. It's past 24 hours and I put them back in the dust bags and worried they're not dry yet? Hmmm