How long to take to oxidize?

  1. Does anyone know how long it will take a brand new purse hands to oxidize and get that gorgeous dark honey brown color? Can I speed up the process??
  2. Too long!!! I would LOVE to know the way to speed it up!!!
  3. lol i just hold my around the house everyday
  4. hmm I just leave my bags out of their dust bags,and sometime I put them by the windowsil and I let them "tan" L0L! (I put a towel to cover the non vachetta part of the bag!
  5. I hear you can make your patina darken quickly but sunning on a window sill as Jadore mentioned, or you can put it in the bath room while you shower. (for the humidity.) Or, you can put it in your car on a hot summer day.
  6. I read one of the girl put sun tan lotion, take it to the tanning bed, rub olive oil and let it hang out etc..
  7. wow u girls are the few rare ones that want there bags patina to darken!!!
  8. I love to have it patina..I don't really to carry around brand new a newbie. Plus when the patina already set, the bag seems nicer IMO
  9. ive done lotion before to the bag, it darkens it VERY quickly.

    i did it to my batignolles and now the patina is like 4 months earlier :P
  10. You can saddlesoap it. I bought a new key clochette for my retro once and it was so light. I saddlesoaped it a few times and got it to match the older leather. I also condition it with the apple conditioner every few months or so.
  11. I'm going to have to try some of these tips. I'm trying to darken the handles on my speedy right now too. I have it sitting out but I'm nervous about leaving it sitting in the sun all day.

  12. I don't think it's good idea to be in the sun too long. I think as long as get some sun light , it should be good.
  13. Oh no... I definatly wouldn't let it bake in the sun all day, but even somewhat direct sunlight (if that makes sense) still makes me nervous. I just don't want it to get wrecked.
  14. :lol: just USE USE USE it.
  15. Thanks girls!!