How long to ship out?

  1. So I placed an order sunday and it is still in the warehouse it says, so I was wondering how long it usually takes to ship out?:confused1:
  2. My charm was within 2 days. :smile: Not sure about other items ....
  3. just checked, I ordered my charm on the 16th and had it on the 21st. I'm also in canada and order it from the warehouse.
  4. i ordered something on thursday, called on friday and they said it was in the warehouse. i called again monday and they said it was shipping that day. it arrived on tuesday! turns out it actually shipped friday. i did not ask for expedited shipping and i am all the way across the country from JAX and i got it 3 business days later.
  5. Your item should have shipped out by now. I recommend calling Coach Customer Service to inquire about your item.

    I have the opposite problem.... Last Saturday, I ordered a pair of Coach flats from my local store but another store actually shipped them out on Monday. The shoes still haven't arrived because the other store sent them out via Fed. Express - ground service. GRRRRR... I paid $10 shipping for the shoes and was expecting them to be shipped out via 2nd Day delivery. If I'd ordered the flats directly from Coach Customer Service in the first place, I would have only been charged an $8.50 shipping fee, plus the shoes would have shipped out from JAX via 2nd Day delivery.