How long to repair my Chanel strap!

  1. I bought a classic flap in December 2006 and have worn it 5 times and already the leather on my chain strap is broken. What I mean is that the stiching on the leather has started to come apart and the leather is falling out of the strap. It is not REALLY bad yet, but the more I wear it the more the stiching is falling apart. Has this ever happened to anyone? How long do you think it will take to be repaired, I love it soo much but I would hate for it to be flown to paris and wait 3 months! I will miss my baby:crybaby: I am soo mad, I paid £850 for a bag to fall apart like that after just 5 wears!
  2. Hmm..good question! Sorry, I don't know the answer to that but it's a shame that you have to experience this. I'm assuming you weren't overloading the bag or being rough with it either.

    In the US, I've heard of repairs taking anywhere from 3-6 weeks.
  3. omg thats horrible.. i've bought many many classic flap but i never had such problems so i dont really have an answer to your question.. i just hope u get ur bag fixed!! Its so disappointing!!
  4. yup... about 3 weeks if their fast!
    Don't be mad...I had the same problem except it happened as soon as I got home and looked at the bag (it was already broken!!!)
  5. ^ question, does it also take at least 3 weeks to repair the loosen stitches??
  6. That is terrible! I do hope you get your bag fixed!
  7. I'm so sorry :sad: Thats terrible. I hope you get it back soon I hate waiting for loved ones to come back :/
  8. The exact same thing happened to me when I bought two medium classic flaps. On each one, stitches came out of the leather on the strap during the 1st wearing It took 6 weeks for Chanel to repair the first one. I ended up returning both bags and getting a jumbo classic.
  9. Thankyou so much everyone, this proves that it is not just me this is happenening to. I have had the bag for nearly 4 months I wonder if they would let me exchange it? This has also happened to my east/ west flap. I NEVER overuse stuff them so I am really annoyed!
  10. i dont know why this problem is soo common. i've had this happen to my black jumbo, but luckily i was able to just have it exchanged at the store since it was purchased for less than a month. But my white med is having the same problem now. (and i've probably only use it for 10 times, at most!) Like you, it isn't very bad yet because the stitching has come off, but the glue hasn't yet, so the leather piece is somewhat still intact. this time, though i dont think i can get it exchanged b/c i bought the bag back in feb (nearly 3 months ago)
  11. let us know what you decide to do and how long it takes for the repair~ good luck and i hope you get your bag back in a week!
  12. i had it happen to my jumbo, when i bought it for only couple weeks. it actually wasn't the stiching, it's the cheap glue that fell off. so i called my SA, and she offered to exchange a brand new for me. you should definitely talk to your SA.
  13. So far I've only heard stories of this happening to flaps. :confused1:

    Does anyone know if this has happened to totes like the GST or PST?>?:sad:
  14. thats terrible>< whats happening to their quality control?? maybe its because they are trying to keep up with demand and sacrificing part of the quality for it.
  15. Thats really bad!