How long to give a seller to respond?

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  1. I bought a pair of jeans in February, I was was watching the tracking but it hasn't updated since Feb. 20th. At first I just thought it was the system itself but I've received items I've bought after the jeans.

    I emailed the seller 2 days ago but I aren't heard anything. How long should I give her to respond? I know it's not her fault if my item was lost in the mail,but I can't inquire with the post office myself.

    This is the first time I've ever had any issue when buying from Ebay (been on since 2006) and I'm not sure how to proceed.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. was this an international purchase? If not, I'd give it through the weekend and if you don't hear back from the seller, open INR.
  3. It was but I've bought other things from the States (I'm in Canada) that have arrived. Also the tracking hasn't said anything after it was accepted by the post office.
  4. I don't know what method it was shipped by but not all shipping methods are trackable.

    In my experience, Canada has one of the slowest postal services I've had experience with. I've shipped items to Asia and Australia and had them get there more quickly than they get to Canada. (Actually, the packages reach Canada; it's the delivery after that that is slower than slow.)
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    It is true that our postal service can be slow, but I've bought 3 other items from the States after the jeans and all my other items have arrived.

    The tracking shows the order placed, the order picked up by courier and then the order dispatched to the sort facility. After that there is nothing. All the other actions were the same day on the tracking.
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    I'm in Canada and have purchased countless items from the US. The average delivery time is just over a week. The odd time something will get stalled and take longer. As long as I have a tracking number or some acknowledgement that the item has been shipped I give sellers lots of time before I would file an INR - another couple of weeks anyway. Just make sure you do it within the window allowed - I believe it is still 45 days from the date of payment with Paypal. I haven't had anything get lost yet. :smile:
  7. What was the USPS shipping method used?
  8. Yes. But I guess I'm wondering why she won't respond at all? Or is that normal?
  9. I mean, was it sent parcel post, first class, priority, etc...
  10. A response would be nice. But she has provided tracking and the item is past the "acceptance" stage so there is not much she can tell you that would be helpful at this stage. Maybe she is not sure what to say and is hopeful that the tracking will update before she has to respond.
  11. I would give it 4 weeks for Priority and First Class International.
  12. Oh, sorry! I was reading too fast earlier. It was sent first class.

    I guess I'll do as everyone suggests and wait. I was more wondering why she wouldn't respond.