How long to get Paypal Acct Verified???

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  1. I sold a handbag 9 days ago... my listings require a verified Paypal address; payment w/in 48 hrs etc...

    The buyer was from the Netherlands, I invoiced her and she responded the same day (2 Saturdays ago) that she needed to get her Paypal account verified. So I'm nice & I wait... nothing.

    I invoiced her again on Thursday.. no response. I filed a NPB yesterday. She just responded "I'm getting my Paypal account verified."

    How freaking long does it take?! According to Paypal it takes 2-3 business days. Do I wait or say screw it & continue down the NPB path?!

    I sold the bag for my boss & she's waiting for the $$$!!!
  2. In the UK it takes about 3 working days certainly not as long as this !
    What is her feedback like? Is she a new Ebayer ?
  3. Her feedback is private but according to Toolhaus & Goofbay it's at 100%; 116 total - Member since 2/05.

    This recently happened to me with a buyer from Australia... told me she needed to transfer $ into her Paypal account so she could pay me (7-10 days) then once she paid me she did it w/ an echeck which took another 7-10 days to clear.. .took like 3 weeks for me to get my payment. I swore never again... yeah right!!
  4. So if she needs to get her Paypal account verified how has she paid for things before ? Seems a bit odd to me!
  5. I had this happen once. A woman wins the auction (Bulgari earrings) outbidding a few others. THEN, after winning, she tells me she needs to sign up for a Paypal acct. She was Mexico, so it took 7-10 days. I was pretty new to selling and just waited. You have to wait 7 days to file a non-paying anyway (couldn't officially sell to the 2nd highest bidder until the first transaction was canceled). Her verification to Paypal took 7-10 days. It ended OK, was just annoying.
    Then I had another person win an auction, and tell ME to sign HER up for a paypal account so she could pay!!! Duh..
    The woman you have sounds fishy. I mean how could she have bought and sold all that stuff since 2004 w/o Paypal?? Also the private FB is a red flag..
  6. continue with the NPB. paypal account verification never take that long. If you don't have any listing restrictions/limitations for the item you're selling or your account I would just continue with the NPB and then relist.