how long till u found out that he's the one?

Aug 20, 2006
well, i think there can be more than one 'the one'- it's the timing that makes the difference. how i 'knew' that my dh would be my dh was that being w/him felt like home. loved, comfy, safe, fun, happy, trusted.


Nov 14, 2006
well, i think there can be more than one 'the one'- it's the timing that makes the difference. how i 'knew' that my dh would be my dh was that being w/him felt like home. loved, comfy, safe, fun, happy, trusted.

well in my case i sooo hope it will be the one:heart: ( 99% sure atm ) ... but i totally agree with baby&me , this is the first man that makes me feel really safe and comfy and trusted, i dont have doubts i dont worry what he is doing when he is not calling me ( and i NEVER trusted men - they gave me reasons for that), we dont fight and he doesnt do silent days on me ...everything comes natural in this relationship and this was never the case before !:okay:
Mar 17, 2007
I knew when I met him that he was the "the one". I learned later in our relationship that he too felt I was "the one" when we first met. We've been together ten years and married six of them.

I knew when I met him that he was very trustworthy and not a game player. He was immediately comfortable to be around, had a nice family with no skeletons in the closet (nor did I). He is also my best friend.


Dec 11, 2006
2 hours - although i never thought we would actually get together, different cultures and all. i was willing to enter a very exclusive friendship but marriage is sooo much better ;). how did I know I loved him? i can't say and honestly, I think we both found only down the line that we loved each other - read: after we got married. by love I mean exactly what others here described - before then it probably was being in love. liking is not strong enough an emotion to get married, FOR ME, but it can be less emotionally draining I guess. Love is hard sometimes...


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Jun 4, 2006
i thought i found my "one"
i was always scared to have a relationship before, i only go on dates but never "serious" until i met him. we went out for 7 yrs and been living with for 6.
we've had our problems, he has "doubt" on me 3 times during the relationship. the first one was on our 2nd year, he met this girl and then broke up with me.
we went back together, and on our 5th year, her ex asked him to get back with her and he actually considered it but decided to be with me instead.
the 3rd one was the more devastating. it happened last year, he only met this girl for 2 weeks and he said that he lover her. i moved out right away and the problem's dragging us for months, like 5 months. and it's driving us crazy. he can't make up his mind.
he's the only guy i feel really comfortable with and i had no doubt about growing old with him until that moment came.
and 4 months ago when he decided that we should try again and promised to not making contact with the woman that caused it in teh first place. but last month, suddenly i had lost my affection to him.
i felt like numb... i loved him, but not in love with him anymore.

and then i met this guy, i feel so comfortable with him. i only knew him for more than a month. and the feelings i felt is so overwhelming, i'm crazy about him.... although we knew in each other only for short period of time, it's like we knew each other for years...
but i don't know if it's real or not.
i had doubts on my feelings, all i know is i like him a lot.
i feel calm and relaxed sitting next to him, although when we said nothing at all for minutes.
we met in a weird time. he was having problem too in his relationship, and i had mine. we met in our misery.
and now i'm wondering if the misery that brought us together and not the "real" thing.


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Jan 5, 2007
After 2 movies or so....



Nov 14, 2006
honey you won`t find out until you try ! :tup: and reading the description of your previous relationship almost anything seems good to try out ! sometimes i feel helpless reading those posts..i wish i had a badge "grow up and THEN talk to me ! "


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Sep 19, 2006
I already a strong idea, enough to break up with my live-in bf, right after DH and I met....before we started dating....but I really knew about 2 weeks after we met (still before we were dating). I gave him a ride home from work one day and he asked if a wanted a soda for the road...when we got into his place, his cat came running to him. He bent down and 'baby talked' to the cat. DH is a loud, gruff, big, East coast, hockey/football, completly politically incorrect person...but for some reason I could see past all that...and in that minute I knew for sure.
Oct 10, 2006
this sounds cliche'..but its true.

The first time my DH and I kissed, I felt chills up and down my spine. Never ever felt that I assume that is the "spark" you hear about.

Love him more today than 22 years ago when we first met. We just celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary yesterday:heart: