How long till payment?

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  1. okay i'm still really new to selling things on *bay. i sold a musical instrument and the buyer bought it and won the auction. that was 4 hours ago and they haven't paid. i did not see an option when i was creating the auction to demand immediate payment but i have always received it in the past with the three other items i have sold. i sent an invoice but i haven't heard anything.

    i have no idea what my role is here, do i just wait? is there any limit on how long this person has to pay for what they purchased!? was there a way i could've required immediate payment but i failed to notice it? is there any way i can make the buyer pay now???
  2. Slow down, they have 7 days to pay. If you chose Payfoe when you set-up the auction you can stipulate immediate payment required. Some people place their bid and may be going out of town for the weekend. Sometimes as a seller you can put a nice note in with your invoice in the message section and say something like "I'll be happy to send right away as soon as I receive your payment, and thank you for your purchase!!" You've got to have patience and think positive thoughts :smile: In this economy people have to really want something to spend $$.. Good luck to you
  3. As best I am aware Sara... buyers have 7 days to pay and only BINS can be checked to require immediate payment. (You have to specify immediate payment - check the box - when you list as BIN)
  4. They have 7 days to pay before you can file for non-paying and /or relist. Give them more than 4 hours for gosh sakes!! If in 48 hours, you have not heard from them or they haven't paid, send another invoice.:yes: But technically you can't do a thing before 7 days.
    In the future (it's too late for the auction already ended), if you want instant payment, you have to go into seller's preferences and check Immediate payment with Buy it Now. Of course that means you have to have a BIN.
  5. I believe that buyers have up to a week to pay. If you would have had a Buy it Now auction, I believe that is when you could have placed an "immediate payment required" on your listing.
  6. You can list the item using the auction format, add a BIN and require payment via PayFoe.
  7. Just bumping this up...

    I have a buyer that has a little less than one day left to pay and I've already sent an invoice w/a message. As of tomorrow, the 7 days are gone for her time to pay. Is it rude of me to go ahead and do what I need to do get my fee back/relist w/o giving her more time to pay? Honestly, I feel 7 days is enough time and I had no response to my invoice w/ message to her. I wrote a nice message, thanking her for the purchase and that I'd ship as soon as I receive payment. Any advice?
  8. I think if they haven't paid or, you haven't heard from them by the 7th day, on the 8th day, you should go ahead and file NPB and relist or, send a 2nd chance offer.

    I have actually had quite a few buyers who waited to pay on the 7th day and I didn't hear word one from them up until they paid. So, your buyer may pay. I think these buyers just know that they have 7 days and a lot of them use that to thier full advantage.

    Now, if a buyer messages me and asks me for an extra day or two, I have no problem working with people about thier payment but, it is those who don't want to communicate at all that bother me. I feel like, if they can't take the time out to respond to you then, you shouldn't be easy on them at all and file NPB ASAP. Just my opinion.