how long til the creases are gone...?? argh!

  1. got my new damier speedy 30 this past monday :yahoo: i love it but every time i pick it up my eyes are immediately drawn to the creases on each side from it being folded. i've stuffed it with tee shirts since monday, but the creases are still there!!!! how long until they disappear?? :push:
  2. I think that daily use will help get the creases out. you need to carry the bag, the weight of carrying it should pull the creases out
  3. I'm kind of attached to the creases. My speedy was actually the store display (it was the only MIF one), but the SA folded it when I bought the creases came back :confused1: . I think it takes awhile for them to disappear
  4. they disappear with use...
  5. If you over stuff it with a towel or sheet an put it in front of a window to get sun, it will warm and they'll come out.
  6. oh reaaaaalllyyyyy........:graucho: i will definitely try all these suggestions! thanks everyone :yes:
  7. I think LV has something to help with the creases. The manager told me about it once when I wanted to buy a Mono Speedy to have it painted on. I forgot what the object was called though.
  8. ^ITA
  9. I got my Speedy in october 06, and today I had the same question. I don't mind the creases, but was wondering the exact same thing today lol.Wondering when it will come out. So they might be there awhile. Like I said, I don't mind the creases, it doesn't bother me - but I also hope one day they come out. :yes:
  10. I hate the creases too! It seems like they take forever to come out. I just got rid of the ones on my mono speedy and now I have to deal with the ones on my Damier speedy!
  11. wait you've had creases ever since oct?? ah! do you store it folded? i'd be upset if 2 months later the same creases were still there despite my stuffing it all this time....i dunno, they just bother me! :p
  12. Good tip on the warmth helping ..never thought of that
  13. I just do like Bag Fetish's suggestion. It works with my Speedy 35. When I don't use it, I stuff it with several t-shirts. I also add the stiff cushion to the bottom to let it stay in shape.
  14. This is not substantiated in any sense, but...I was always under the impression that it's bad to intentionally expose leather to the sun. Any takes on this?
  15. I was wondering this myself as I have had my speedy since September 06 and have been storing it stuffed the entire time. Granted, I haven't used it a lot... maybe 15 times... it still has creases. I was just thinking the other day... how much longer will it take? It doesnt bother me TOO much though.