How long the seller have to wait for the PP fund to clear?

Jan 8, 2007
it's instantaneous but it takes 3-5 days to transfer the funds to a bank account. it's also not a bad idea for sellers to wait a couple days before shipping an item (especially if it's pricey) to make sure there isn't a chargeback due to fraud (like the credit card is stolen).


Jul 6, 2008
Thanks for the answer.

In my case I waited for 11 days, rang PP and they said the payment was completed, seller should have the money. I emailed the seller and asked for the tracking no, she replied me the next day that she would email the tracking number shortly.
No emial for the next 2 days ...until I asked her to comfirm if the item is authentic and it has all the nescessary authentic stamps or else refund me the money.
Seller got back to me 2 days later and confirmed item is authentic but since I have doubted the authenticilty she refunded me the money (still pending).

Why she did not ship the item at the reasonable time and did not contact me until I emailed her?

Did I pissed her of asking for the authenticity confirmation?

Now I am a bit regret that she put the item on auction again and I don't know if I made the right call.
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Oct 27, 2007
I would personally file a NPS (non-performing seller) and leave negative feedback. Waiting 11 days to ship is unaccceptable and to refund you money simply because you asked a question is ridiculous.

[From the seller-side, if a buyer emailed me about authenticity after purchase I might be wary of completing the transaction also as I don't want anyone who questions the authenticity to bid on my items. If you can't tell from the pics, don't bid.]

However, in the case above it wouldn't take me 11 days to ship!


Jul 6, 2008
^ I raised the authenticity question because I was waiting for 11 days and she did not get back to me on the tracking number or confirm that she has ship the item.
I thought she might put the authentic pictures in the auction but would ship me the fake one.

The refund is still pending. I did not file a claim as I thought she has refunded me the money.

This was the email she send me:
"The xxxxx necklace that you paid for is authentic. I purchased it during the time when the xxxx movie came out. It has the laser xxxx stamp on the bottom of the perfume box charm and reads 06C, made in France.

Since you have doubts about the item, I have decided to give you a refund and have requested to have the package be sent back to me. I have a buyer that is willing to pay a much higher price for it. In case it doesn't stop the delivery process, please send the necklace back to me if you do receive it and I will give you back the shipping money. I have told the post office to put a stop on the delivery and get it resent back to me so hopefully that works. Please expect the funds to be available in your paypal account soon as the amount is being transferred from my bank and will take a few days."

I found out the item is on auction again. I don't think she has shipped the item to me at all.


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Dec 16, 2005
Your original question was how long will PayPal take to give you the money can take 5-7 days. I have refunded people through PayPal who used a credit card (through pp) to pay and the money is instantly taken from my account; yet, it can show as "pending" in the customer account for days.

I would give 5 days before calling PP and asking them why they are taking so long to give you your money, if you show it as pending then she has refunded you and she no longer has your money. It is now up to PP to process and refund you.