How long should you wear your engagement ring?

  1. Question for you ladies...

    How long does one typically wear their engagement ring? I imagine you can wear it for however long you like, but is there a typical time length? When does the average person start wearing just their wedding band?
  2. I've never taken mine off.
  3. There are no rules on this, so you can wear your e-ring from the time you receive it til the day you die! I, personally, wear my e-ring about 3-4 days out of the week. (I've been married 6 years) If I don't have my e-ring on, I'll at least wear a wedding band.
  4. I think it's trending towards one ring frmo the beginning, a nice setting w/ the solitaire as opposed to an e-ring plus a band.
    That what we did 9 yrs ago and I'm actually going back and redoing it now. Now I want a solitaire on a plain band and want to add a diamond etenrity band to it.
    My jeweler says she sells more one pieces than wedding sets now.

    So my answer is, never, it wouldn't occur to me to not wear my e-ring.
  5. i would have to agree... i've had 3 rings and have never had a band. we've been married for 8 years now.
  6. I plan to wear mine until we have kids. I'm afraid that it might scratch a baby. My wedding band will be simple enough to wear with my engagement ring, but interesting enough to wear on its own.
  7. I wear my engagement ring every day. I've been married almost 20 years.
  8. The type of e-ring I have in the work setting I'm in, I can't wear my e-ring. I started just wearing my band for the last 10 years (out of 12 1/2) of marriage. I still wear my e-ring for special occasions.

    No set of rules. Just do what feels right for you.
  9. Forever!!!!

    I would never take it off, I wear it with my wedding band everyday.
  10. I wear my e-ring and wedding band daily for 12 years now. If I'm doing heavy duty chores, then I wear the wedding band only.
  11. well, because i don't have my engagement ring right now but i'm wearing a promise ring that's really expensive, i choose not to take it off because 1. i might lose it or get it stolen 2. it's very sentimental to me.

    so, i guess the quick answer here would be that there's no specific, "traditional" time to have the ring on. It's up to you.

    But for me, i'd have it on till the day i die.
  12. I only have one ring and it is an engagement/wedding ring in one, so I guess I won't ever stop wearing it!
  13. I wear my e-ring and wedding band always. My e-ring is not set up high - it's a copy of the Tiffany etoile setting. My wedding band has rubies & diamonds in a channel setting. They are both set in platinum. It would feel weird for me to wear only the wedding band alone. I like how they look together!
  14. I have a pretty big diamond engagement ring that I'm nervous wearing every day so I only wear it out to functions or nice dinners. My wedding band is just a simple, plain white gold band that I wear alone when I think to do it. Most days I go "ringless".

    It's a shame, too, b/c my jewelry is really TDF, IMO. I always get compliments when I wear my things.
  15. I wear mine everyday,all the time!!! When I picked my wedding band I got one that exactly matched the shank of my eng/ring with the full intention of wearing them together forever.