How long should you keep eyeshadow?

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  1. Is there a shelf life? Assuming the colors are not out of style, do you just keep them until they run out? What if it is a few years? I just ordered one cause it was running low but I ordered a few more for fear the colors would be discontinued. Then I realized I hadn't bought them in a while.

    What do you all think? If its been a few years do you just toss them and get new or wait until they are almost done?
  2. I believe there is a shelf life, but if it is a powder shadow I am keeping it until it looks like it has gone bad or quits performing lol. For liquids or creams I tend to stick to the rules.
  3. For most stuff I stick to the smell test...or for things like mascara, if they're starting to clump up then it's time to toss.

    Powder e/s can last years...honestly I have some MAC pigment from *gulp* 10 years ago that is still just great and doesn't smell or act weird. I just keep in a cool, dark spot (aka my dresser drawer).
  4. Most companies print the shelf life (from opened) on the product. Some of them are pretty stupid though for example Urban Decay says that the Book of Shadows has a shelf life of 6 months. The most commanly recommended shelf life is 2 years for powdered shadow but personally I think if the eyeshadow still works and your happy with it you can keep it until you either use it up or dont want it any more.
  5. I have some 8 and 9yr old shadows :smile:
  6. I dont wear make up everyday so I have some eyeshadows that have been around for a while,if I find that the eyeshadow just isn't wearing the same then I'll toss it.
  7. I've got some MAC that e/s from 2004/2005. Still works perfectly fine so I'm keeping till that changes.
  8. I would think that if you don't let someone else use the shadow then that would extend its shelf life, as in at least you aren't being exposed to someone else's germs...I certainly don't swap out mascara since that time at girl scout camp where we all got pinkeye from a rogue tube of Great Lash.:lolots:
  9. I have a mac shadow that must be 10 years old, and I still use it about 3 time a year (no wonder I still have it:amuse: ) it performs just like any other mac shadow, doesn't smell funky or anything.
  10. i think eyeshadow is one of the ones that lasts the longest......i keep it until I hit pan. Now mascara, you have to be super careful with. After about three months, my mascara smells funky and I toss it.
  11. Yeah, I think I have an old Afterthoughts duo of eye shadow that broke and splintered into powder, but I still use it. Might convert it into a nail polish color at some point... and some Tony & Tina sparkles/glitter from Sephora before they stopped carrying the line.
  12. So do I. I still have original Urban Decay.. screw on top eyeshadow and also original Hard Candy where it was still a department store brand.

    They both work fine and don't smell or anything.
  13. It keeps very well as long as I work with clean brushes, clean face (eyelids). I would think it wouldn't last more than a few months if the shadow in the pan is used with fingers only (rubbing pigment onto fingertips) - I think there's too much oil transfer.
  14. I have powdered shadows that are 20 years and older. They are not cakey or smelly. If you keep a clean brush, I don't see how they would go bad. I take that back...some people like to dip a wet brush into the jar of powder. You could get an organism growing in that case.