How long should I wait?

  1. I won two auctions on the same day on Dec. 29 and paid both through Paypal immediately. Seller #1 contacts me following day acknowledging receipt of payment and indicates a shipping notice is forthcoming. Seller #2 makes no contact.

    Seller #1 sends a shipping notice on Jan. 2 and the item arrives on Jan. 5.

    Still no contact from Seller #2. I should note that Seller #2 did immediately respond to questions regarding the item the day the auction closed, but I have not heard anything since then.

    On Friday, Jan. 4, I sent an email asking for payment confirmation from Seller #2 and have yet to receive a response.

    How long should I wait before taking action? And what is the appropriate action?

    Of course, if I ever get the item, appropriate feedback will be left, but I have never incurred a seller so delinquent in communicating. I realize that there was a holiday this past week, but the person seemed so willing to answer all questions just prior to the close of the auction.

    Thanks for all help and advice.
  2. Some sellers never send emails after the item is bought, they just pack and ship it. You have 45 days to file a claim through paypal so I wouldn't panick yet.
  3. Thanks 4theluvof-it. That helps.
  4. I'm sure it will be fine but I really don't understand why some sellers don't communicate better. It takes two seconds to acknowledge receipt of a payment and another two seconds to notify that the item has been shipped.
  5. If you haven't received the item after 10 days email the seller and let them know you are still waiting for a tracking. If after 24 hours you don't receive a respond start a claim thru PayPal as item no received. Good luck!
  6. Yep, wait 10 days and then file a claim. It's probably delayed due to the holidays. The seller may not have shipped using an expedited method.