How long should I wait?

  1. I accepted a best offer on one of my items on Sunday (jun. 17) I state in my auctions that payment is due within 2 days of auction ending. I sent the first invoice Sunday@ 2 pm., I send a reminder on tues the 19th and I also emailed the seller today asking if everything was alright and when I could expect payment. I have yet to hear from the buyer. Feedback is 10 with 100%. How long should I wait before I relist? Thank you for help.
  2. leave it at least a week or so
  3. Give it a week - you can't really do anything if they haven't paid within 2 days. I believe eBay requires you to wait one week
  4. they are allowed by eBay 7 days to pay, no matter what your terms are

    I had the exact same thing happen, buyer placed best offer sat afternoon, I accepted it sunday afternoon, she just paid about an hour ago

    dont panic just yet
  5. i was going to say the exact same things.
  6. Thanks for all your advice. Buyer finally paid today and stated paypal was undergoing maintenance so she couldn't make the payment till now. Funny all my other buyers didn't have that problem. She could have sent an email stating that fact. Now she wants her purse yesterday. Some people. :rolleyes: