How long should I wait?

  1. So I won a L'Amore Denaro through email (BIN) Monday night and I paid immediately, and heard back from the seller that night that she is a fellow tPFer and would get the item mailed on Tuesday. But I haven't heard anything since, and I am worried that maybe the paypal didn't go through on her end, even though the money is out of my bank account. Should I worry that I haven't gotten a reply as to whether it has shipped out yet or not? Or should i just be a little more patient?
  2. If she has good feedback, I doubt you should be too worried this early. Since she acknowledge that she will get the item mailed Tuesday, perhaps it's already on its way to you. Many sellers do not do follow up, until the buyer acknowlege non receipt. Maybe just email her and ask if you can get a shipping tracking number so you can check online.
  3. That's good advice! I did email and am waiting patiently!