How long should I wait?

  1. Ok I bought an IFbag from an eBay seller and I have the tracking number.
    She is in the USA and I am in the UK.
    The item was posted on the 9th of March and according to the tracking info, it left the USA on the 11th.

    Status: International Dispatch

    Your item left the United States from LOS ANGELES AMC at 3:03 AM on March 11, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later

    I still havent received it and the tracking info hasnt changed. When I ordered a Betsey Johnson a while back, I got it within five days.

    The IF bag has taken 8 days so far and the tracking info is the same. I emailed the seller to ask what delivery service she used, and all she keeps saying is to be patient. I dont understand why it takes 8 days to cross the atlantic unless she shipped it on a canoe!
    She doesnt tell me how it was shipped but the shipping was $36.
    I emailed USPS and they told me to call them:cursing: ..from the UK! Parcel Force's tracking also verifies that the item has been handed over to USPS by the seller but they say that it hasnt got to the UK yet.

    Now I realise that its not really the sellers fault, but Im finding them quite unhelpful in that they wont even email USPS as they are the sender.

    Would it be unreasonable to ask for my money back if the bag doesnt come by the end of the week, as that would be a 2 week wait. I really have the feeling that the bag is lost as in the past USPS tracking has always been good with my other items in telling me where they are.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I think you need to be patient too. :smile: The 9th was a Friday and since then it's been approximately 6-7 business days.

    International delivery can sometime be slow. The number of days specified by the postal service isn't guaranteed. You never know, it could be stuck in custom as well...

    I've found that sometimes USPS are hopeless with their tracking...

    You have plenty of time to file a claim, so be patient. 7 business days is not long enough time for international delivery. Give it more time.
  3. You deffo need to hold your horses here, post can be quick from US to Uk and visa versa but can also be vert sloooooooow. I have received parcels in 5 days (via airmail) and also a 7 week parcel (standard post), these were both posted from the uk to the US.

    Be patient, the seller has provided the tracking info-sure its not changed but these things happen all of a sudden, I was just about to log a item lost at P/o and my parcel turned up that day.

    Hope you get it soon!
  4. Actually, it sounds to me like it may well be sat in customs.

    annoying as it is, its not the sellers fault that delivery is slow, just be patient & sit it out.

    good luck!
  5. Thanks for the reassurance guys. I just hate not knowing where my parcel is. I dont mind the wait as long as I know that it is coming, but the damn tracking message doesnt change.

    I have visions of my beautiful IF bag floating in the middle of the Atlantic:nuts:
  6. :wtf::sweatdrop: I hope not! It should be ok.
  7. haha! no, some fat bloke is probably just using it as a coaster for his coffee at customs!:biggrin: joking!

    honestly hun, don't worry, I import from the sates on a weekly , sometimes daily basis for my company (not bags, film memorbilia & stuff) & as horrid as it is, its not uncommon for me to have to wait over a month for something.

    leave it for another few days & check on it again.
  8. Once the bag has left the US, it is up to UK Parcelforce to keep up with the tracking information. It could well be sitting at customs and they are just dragging their feet. Even if the sender asks USPS, USPS would not be able to tell what has happened once the shipment reaches UK shores because it is out of their reach. Short of having the cargo plane crash, it really is up to the UK side to deal with things (and we all know how *that* is).
  9. It's sooooooo slow. I hate USPS Id rather they just send regular mail tbh. took 8 days for mine to be acknowledged in UK. its now being held in customs for the past 4 days or so :sad: lol
  10. Yes be patient. You really cannot blame the seller and technically there is nothing she can do. I think 14 days have to pass before an investigation can be opened.
    I send stuff to my family in the UK all the time and have never had a problem with USPS service. I always use Express as the packages I send are usually over 4 lbs which exceeds the limit for USPS Airmail or global priority. Packages do get held up in the customs process and Parcelfarce, as I prefer to call them, aren't particularly great either, on several occasions they have left an attempted delivery notice when someone was home the entire day!
    I am sure your package will arrive and at least you know your seller shipped it out.
  11. Its funny how some items from the US can take forever and then others can come within a week.

    It always surprises me when it's so quick, as sometimes its quicker than items that I'm waiting for from Seller's within the UK.
  12. To echo everyone else's advice to wait a bit, I had some makeup arrive 3 days after I ordered it from the US - amazing. In contrast, something from Barneys took 6 weeks to arrive. No idea why, but try to be patient if you can.
  13. The wait....arrrgh! I want my bag now!:crybaby:
    I cant believe that the Betsey Johnson bag I ordered, received, hated and re-sold took only 5 days to get here....and my yearned for IF bag is taking its sweet time.

    Curses to the postal services for not updating the tracking info! At least if the information changed, if only to say 'Stuck in customs' then I would know that it is being looked after and not lost behind a cupboard or something.

  14. Hey at least you know your bag has left the states, I won a bag on 5 March and asked the seller to let me have the tracking number, well all she replied was 'yes I'll mail the bag' and since then nothing. Have contacted her twice now for the number and still no reply or bag....

    Btw only some postal services from US to the UK are fully trackable, some only track as far as the departure point in the US. EMS is fully trackable and all items go through customs (I think they add the postage cost to the value of the item and we pay custom fees on the total amount incl shipping but not 100% certain) but it should only take 3 - 4 days before the item arrives.

    Hope your bag (and mine) arrives soon - the wait is horrible...............
  15. "Now I realise that its not really the sellers fault, but Im finding them quite unhelpful in that they wont even email USPS as they are the sender."

    Just for future reference (I know this because I just went through this with an eBay item that simply disappeared) if it is a case where the parcel never arrives it is the responsibility of the SENDER to rectify the problem and to file for insurance!! If the item is damaged in transit then both the recipient and the sender can file the claim but any insurance monies will be released to the person in possession of the ORIGINAL receipt. So, I know what you mean about being helpless since you're not the sender of the package! You might want to do what I did to my sender....I linked her the USPS web page that stated that I could NOT apply for insurance on the parcel that she had to do it!
    Although you seem to be OK since they do have tracking information that it has indeed been shipped, in my case all there was to view was the fact that she "electronically applied to ship" the thing!!!
    It's coming, trust me.....hang in there and if by some weird chance it doesn't show up, don't let the seller give you a ration of crap about how YOU need to find it cuz....SHE DOES!!