How long should I wait to buy another bag?

  1. OK I know that this is a Coach forum, but....I bought an LV Speedy 35 should be here on Wednesday. My question to all of you Coach lovers :smile: is should I also purchase the large signature beaded tote that was released around last Christmas (in the light gold color). To jog your memory, since Christmas was kinda a long time ago, it has two "strips" of silver beads running down the front of the tote. Apparently, Coach still has like 20 of them in stock at the distribution center. I work for Coach, so I get a nice price break, but I am feeling somewhat guilty about purchasing two bags in the same week...what are your opinions about this? To buy, or not to buy?! LOL.:graucho:
  2. I say go for LOL You should've known that was coming! No way, dont feel guilty. If it won't break the bank and you're getting a good discount on it anyway, go for it girl! You mean one like this correct?

    (Image Credit: eBay)

    Congratulations on your new Speedy as well!
  3. I agree! If it's not going to break the bank, then go for it.
  4. just do it!! we are enablers
  5. did u think we would tell you no? lol thats a hot bag it going on a spree so i wount be able to get anything else but i would love a coach tote
  6. You should go for it...if you can afford it & it's a great discount how can you not!

  7. Ha! :lol: That's totally true. You guys are like my friend who I can always count on telling me to buy the bag I want, only x100!
    Yeah, just because you're buying two bags in a week doesn't mean you'll always do it, and it doesn't mean that you won't use both of them. You've just been given a great opportunity to get a bag at a good price, one that might not be available anymore if you wait. As I like to say when I'm in this kind of situation -- "You'd be stupid NOT to do it!" :graucho:
  8. LOL You guys are such a bad influence on me!! I LOVE IT!!!! LOL. Thanks for all of your guys rock!!!:yes:
  9. PS-- Yes, Abandoned Images, that is the exact bag. Thanks for posting are much more computer savvy than I:smile: LOL
  10. My mom had the bag, and in one month of normal use all the beads were coming off of the strips, everything else was fine, but the beads dont hold up. She returned it for the Poppy tote
  11. Oh lord I'm not the one to ask -- over Memorial Day weekend I went shopping with my best shopping buddies and bought 3 handbags, a wristlet and an LV Wapity in a 48 hour period! (It would have been 4 handbags, but that was the day of the infamous Chevy Chase LV/Saks drama. Heh.)
  12. LOL You are my idol--that is alot of bags!

    CaseyjGilbert-- thanks for that tidbit of info...I think that I have decided not to get the tote...the durability of the beads worries me too much.:shocked:
  13. get it! abunch of girls in my school have it,and its very cute!
  14. definitely get it - especially since you'll get a nice discount!
  15. I would buy it now if you love it! You know you won't be able to get that in the fall. It will either be sold out or at an outlet that may not be near you.