HOW long should I wait before getting worried?

  1. I purchased a pair of Chanel sunglasses 7-13-05 from a seller with over 200 + feedback 99.2% positive. I paid for the item 7-14-07 via paypal. Her description says it would ship via priority mail. As of today..I'm still waiting. I've emailed her twice asking for a shipping status..and have not gotten a response. HOW LONG do I wait before I panic and realize that I'm not getting these glasses? I added 1.50 for insurance to my payment...but if I cannot get her to respond to me..what do I do next. I know that PAYPAL and eBay's rules is you have to wait 45 days before filing a claim..but that seems ridiculous. they should be here by now! PLEASE HELP
  2. Did you mean you purchased the sunglasses on 07-13-07 instead of 07-13-05?
  3. Do any of her previous buyers leave neg feedback due to late delivery/ bad communication? How far away are the glasses coming from?
  4. You can file a dispute 10 days after the auction has ended. I'd start with that if I were you. It might light a fire under your seller.
  5. I know that I bought a pair of Chanel sunnies on eBay from a very reputable seller. They said items are sent priority mail, as well. They had thousands of feedback and a few said shipping was very slow. It took about 3 weeks for me to get my sunnies. During that time, I too, sent them emails, without any response on their part. We probably bought from the same seller. It may take a while, give it just a little more time.

    Hope you get them soon, I know it must be very aggravating.
  6. opps...yes 7-13-2007
  7. this seller only has 200 feedback..and I believe these were pre-owned. Its frustrating..because her feedback is good...with no complaints about slow shipping
  8. If you used a credit card, I would give it 30 days, and if you haven't received them by August 13, just call your credit card company and tell them that the item did not arrive, and the seller does not respond to emails, and you want a chargeback.

    That way you can get your money back and not bother with any eBay or paypal processes.
  9. ^ i appreciate what you are saying but this is exactly the kind of advice that leads people to easily handle chargebacks, whenever they want, for whatever reason. so often you find threads here that state sellers got an unfair chargeback for whatever reason because buyers go for it lightheartedly. I am not saying this isn't the type of situation where the buyer has every right to do so and I also realise people abuse with paypal but still chargeback is so often a problem. and I am baffled how on the one hand we give advice to do a chargeback and on the other hand are angry because a buyer does so.

    as to the OP: i has been 13 days right? I have had sellers who never respond but the item arrives safe and sound. are you in the US? if yes, sorry but USPS is terrible with shipping. I often found it took 2 to 3 weeks to ship within the US, especially if you live in a smaller place. and you definitely do not have to wait 45 days - this is the deadline for filing but I'd get started now - open a dispute with paypal asking for tracking info. wait and see if she responds and then take it further.
  10. I do not pay with credit there isn't an issue with any charge backs..Yes..I live in the USA...and isn't a small in fact is a rather LARGE one. I've never had anything that has shipped priority mail take 2 weeks to arrive.

    I purchased an item 4 days ago on ebay..and It already has arrived...via priority mail no doubt. I just think the seller has taken their sweet time getting the item to the postoffice....which makes me mad especially when they say you must pay for the item within a certain amount of time..or they will report you to Ebay and post negative feedback. ....I followed their rules..why can they not respect that enough to do as they say they will...

    I'll give it a few more days..before I panic...if it isn't here within 3 weeks after I paid for it...I'm guessing it isn't coming.
  11. A big red flag to me in the original poster's story is that the seller is not replying to emails.

    I think that in the cases where sellers have been unfairly and precipitately hit with chargebacks, sometimes we see buyers doing this without even bothering to contact the seller at all - or buyers who have been told by sellers, "let me check on it," and then they wait maybe two days and then call the credit card company without following up with the seller or giving them a fair chance to check on it and initiate a refund themselves if they find out that the item has indeed been lost.

    But in a situation where a month has passed, and the seller has neither item nor a reply to multiple emails they have sent to the seller asking about it, the buyer's best option is simply to ask for a chargeback, and look for a replacement item, and preferably look for it somewhere other than eBay! ;)
  12. It could be any of the above suggestions, but keep in mind that every once in a while, mail does get lost. I recently got a refund from a seller when an item didn't arrive three weeks later via prioirity. Two weeks after the refund, my item showed up...
  13. I have had that happen! And when it did, I just re-paypalled the seller, and everybody was happy!

    When things do get lost, or accidentally re-routed to East Shakerag, it isn't the seller's fault, and I have heard offline tales of buyers receiving the item weeks, or even months after having been refunded, whether by the seller or via chargeback, and not paying for it.

    I admit I am sour on eBay now, shipping cost increases have essentially priced we of the "low end," buyers and sellers alike, out of the online shopping arena, and the escalating proliferation of criminals, buyers and sellers alike, has ruined it for everybody, and ruined the lives of people for whom selling low-cost items on eBay was their only source of income, albeit a modest one.
  14. Not to chastise you, but I would never buy on Ebay without the protection of using a credit card. Moving on...just notify Ebay and Paypal that this is an item "not received" and they will dock the seller for the amount after checking carefully. Do try to use a credit card in the future as you will save yourself tremendous heatache.