How long should I go to the gym for?

  1. I was thinking of doing 1.5hr each night of cardio (looking to JUST lose weight atm) and then 2 of those nights do pilates classes instead of treadmill/bike?
    Also how is the hoola hoop classes? They just started at my gym :smile:
  2. 1.5 hours of cardio every day is a bit heavy. 60 mins every other day is fine. Have you considered adding weights to your routine so that you don't lose muscle on your weight loss?
  3. Holy Cow!

    You must be really fit if you can get through 1.5 hours EVERY DAY!

    I can do about 45-60 minutes of cardio (depending on intensity) and by then I'm completely wiped! After that I would do a bit of weight training to help with weight loss - because we all know that more muscles = more calorie burn!

    Just don't overdo it! Like the poster above me, I'd suggest doing every other day (MWF) so you can give your muscles a chance to recover and to prevent injury and overdoing it

    Oh, and about the bike. Unless you're going to have a high resistance on your program, I don't think you'll get much done on a bike since you're only really using your legs. I'd suggest using an Elliptical machine or rowing machine along with a tredmill. Rowing machines always look like fun, but they're darn hard!

    The gym that I went to in the states had a big projector wall and it was like playing a video game. There would be races every 15 minutes (but you could still row if you started in the middle of a race, you would just be included in the next) and it made the rowing fun - anddd, you use lots of muscles with rowing!
  4. you will over train if you do 1.5hrs of cardio every night! do 45-60min (this is recomened by many health professionals). you also need to include a regimine of weight training into your work out.
  5. Now I'm confused, I would have thought for sure it would be fine to do that much cardio daily, just not weight train too much. Obviously taking a day off when you are too sore or need a break, in other words just listening to your body.
  6. Okay, I am reading that you should only do 45 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week. If you go beyond 45 minutes your body begins to "break down muscle fibers" is this true? :sad: apparently beyond that is overtraining which will not give results.
  7. this is true
  8. Doing 1.5 hours of cardio every day is overtraining. You'll exhaust yourself, put yourself at risk of injury and eventually get bored and/or frustrated with doing the same thing over and over. I'd focus on developing a solid routine of both cardio and weight training, cardio 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week like Danica said, and weights 2-3 days a week, depending on the split routine you choose.
  9. Darn. There's so much to know, time to change my routine.
  10. It is kinda confusing. Dance classes are 1 hour and a half usually. But it's not constant cardio. It's toning too.